D1piui on 2nd Try...

Okay so here we go again folks...
My partner and I are officialy on our 2nd TWW (aggg) We used donor 11542 and the specimine was GREAT says the DR. I'm doing a natural cycle one more time and then if we get BFN again we will use clomid. Big sigh....
Baby dust to all out there on there TWW, congradulations to all you successful mommies and best wishes to all TTC!


  • Good luck! Hope this is the one for you all!
  • good luck! baby dust...and lots of it! :)
  • Jess...how exiting! Good luck in your TWW and may this be your last one!!!!!!!!

    Baby dust and prayers to you!
  • Hello All, we are now on day 2!!! I thought that this time the wait may be easier....but it isn't!
    I'm already on the roller coaster ride of the TWW. Here we go......
    Thaks for all the baby dust and luck coming my way!!
    I am sending the dust back to all my TWW buddies out there, and best wishes to all those waiting!
  • Good luck Jess!!!! I'm hanging in there at the end of day 5!! Still no signs!
    keep us posted!
    baby dust!
  • Good luck, Jess! I know how hard the TWW can be, so just try to enjoy each day as it comes. (Easier said than done, right?) I'm at day 13...
  • wow, there are quite a few of us in the TWW! its comforting to know i'm not the only one going nuts! :) day 8 here.

    good luck everyone!!!
  • I am also in the TWW. I am on day 4 and it seems like it has been so much longer. Just trying to stay busy so the time may go by a little faster.

    Good Luck to everyone!!!!
  • Hello all....so we are now on day 6 of our TWW and just got back from a lesbian campout. We had an awsome time and got to talk to a few couples who have had children of their own via IVF or IUI. Great women and very supportive, I love being in an environment where I know I am safe and supported while being able to be myself compleatly! Gives me that warm fuzzy feeling..:)
    I had some spotting today and I am a little confused because I know it's early for implantation spotting but who knows....
    Best wishes to all my TWW buddies and baby dust all around...:)
  • It sounds like you're trying to keep busy during the 2ww. Here's baby dust headed your way.
  • Hello all...it is now day 9piui and I am officialy loosing my mind again!! I have been posting on the facebook page but i will fill you all in here...So night before last I started bleeding...assuming it was AF I called my DR to let her know and wanting to get started on a medicated cycle...BUT when I spoke to the nurse she felt that it could be something other than AF due to the fact that it is almost a week early (i am like clockwork when it comes to my cycle) so she wanted me to do a hpt even though it is early. I did and it was a bfn as expected but because we cant rule out pregnancy we cant do medicated cycle...argggg
    This wait can really make one feel like they are loosing their mind!! phew....
  • Jess...did the nurse think that it could be implantation bleeding?
  • She thinks it could be but as the days go on i am almost sure its AF..:(
    But because we can't confirm a bfn yet due to the timing we just have to wait out the 14 days and miss a medicated cycle this time...
    Will have to do natural again or just take a break this month and go for it in july...
    We'll see where we go from here.
    The BFN never gets easier does it.....?
  • Well, lets hold out hope for your BFP! It seems awfully early to get AF!

    Hang in there, dear.
  • Okay, so its official....BFN
    Next stop mediated attempt, just have to skip a cycle due to AF early arrivial!!
    Baby Dust to all out there :)
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