Fertility Medication

Hey All,

Can anyone give me tips on where to go to get fertility injectables ....such as bravelle? How many do you need for one cycle? Where can I get it cost effectively?



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    I would love to hear about any injectable stories!
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    I'm sorry, but I don't have the answer for you. But, are you seeing an RE? They will be able to give you those answers.

    Good Luck!
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    I did three cycles with Chlomid and the trigger shot. All three were unsuccesful. The fourth attempt my RE wanted to try something else so we did chlomid, two days of FSH injectables, and the trigger shot. That did it for me. I got a BFP that time and am now 13 weeks pregnant.
    I went through a phone order pharmacy that my RE provided information for since the local pharmacies do not stock the injectables. It did cost me about $500 for the injectables.
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    I have a few questions. Did you do 50,100 or 150 mg of clomid? What cycle days did you do the FSH injectables?

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    For my very first cycle I used 100 mg of clomid, for cycle 2 and 3 I used 150 mg of clomid. With all three I used the trigger shot also.
    For the forth cycle, I used 100 mg of clomid, two days of fsh injectibles and the trigger shot- that was the cycle that worked for me.
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