Anyone using 14424? What are his numbers? Any successes.


  • I am thinking to use this donor. I did not completely made my mind yet. I will let you know if i do and what kind of results i get.
  • I think we narrowed it down to him or one other donor. Seems so smart but now completely creative. I love that about him. We aren't inseminating again until late June. Three negatives with another donor want to mix it up now that we are trying meds. What's your journey so far?
  • I had my first doctor appointment yesterday and we are ready to start the whole process next ovulation cycle . I am getting tested right now for my positives and negatives and if 14424 is a match i am going with it. I saw a childhood picture with him but i am a little bit confused because his eyes are not blue in the picture. Kind of weird......?? This will be my first try ever so i don't know what to expect .Will let you know. I see that last week he had 25 vials left and now just 17 so people are buying . What is the other donor you are thinking to try? Good luck to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Hello purple rain!! We will be on our fourth cycle in June. We had a different donor 14008 for the last three. Hmm that is weird about the blue eyes. We didn't pay for all the pictures if you are willing to share i would totally welcome that. It's an exciting process. The other donor we are looking at is 14242. He seems a lot like me. My wife is carrying so that's importance to us. Good luck!!! Baby dust your way. Keep me posted if you use this donor.
  • I didnt payed for all the pictures either but i am about too so i can share the photos if you want me too. I am talking about the only picture that is on his profile right now. To me his eyes are brown or dark........maybe is just me or the light from the picture. I am still waiting for my tests from the doctor to pull the trigger on 14424....they need to hurry up because now he has just 15 vials left. Good luck in June. I decided to wait for one more month to start , our plans for June are crazy because we just sold our house and ready to buy a new one , so my first try will be in July now...i really dont want to be stressed when i start all this process because i dont know why but i feel like if i do it in the right time will be successful really quick ...or at least i hope so!!!! Baby dust your way too!!!
  • So I spoke to staff at the CCB and he said the adult picture the donor definitely has a blue tint to his eyes. He has become a very popular donor quickly. There will be another release of sperm mid June in case he runs out. When are you planning your IUI for? We ended up ordering the last vials of 14416. It felt right so we went for it. We aren't inseminating until the end of the June but have learned quickly that if you see one you like you need to order ASAP.
  • Im considering using donor 14424, anybody have success with this donor?
  • hello,

    has anyone had any luck with 14424? it is between him and one other. can anyone share his adult picture?

    thank you!
  • hey everyone,

    my wife and i just purchased two vials from this amazing donor. would love to read your success.

    thank you :)
  • I can assure you 14424 has blue eyes :)

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    we used donor 14424 as well..i know eye color can change but so far we are looking at blue eyes as well

  • Hi everyone, my wife and I used this donor as well. We were hoping to connect with folks virtually. I set up a private facebook group. If anyone is interested, you should be able to find it by searching for the donor number.

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