It's a.......GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!

We just found out Friday (at 15 weeks) that we're having a little girl! We are so excited! I have all nephews too, so this will be the first little girl on my side of our family. :)


  • Congratulations!! That's soooo exciting!
  • (doing the chair dance... again!!) YAY!! After hearing so much about the boys we women are here too!!
  • CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that's great!!! we can't wait til june 3rd
  • Yay!! Congrats on a little baby girl!!!!!
  • That is wonderful news...congrats!
  • So happy for you two!!! She will be beautiful!
  • Thanks everyone! We're still smiling from ear to ear. :)
  • Are you calling her by her name yet? I did that when my nephews were in-utero... they know the sound of your voice from the beginning... my nephews did. It was cool watching them respond at two weeks old (trying to turn their head) to the sound of their name.
  • Congrats Misty and Carla!!!!! How exciting!!!

    Diana and Stacey
  • Well, we're still trying to pick a name. For some reason, we had a boys name picked out, but not a girls name. :)

    But, we do talk to her everyday and read books to her.
  • Congratulations !!!

    Evaline & Amy
  • Then she'll be fine... just get one picked out!! :-)
  • Misty and Carla-

    Congrats on the baby girl on the way, VERY exciting! I was wondering if I could ask what process you did? ICI, IUI? How many times that cycle and how soon after you ovulated? We are currently 8 weeks pregnant and REALLY want a baby girl, but have heard that mostly boys come from IUI's.
  • slcoyle,

    Well, we too thought we would have a boy due to the percentages, but we were very excited to find out that we're blessed with a girl!

    We did IUI only once...we were lucky and got a BFP on our first try. I ovulated on CD15 at noon and was inseminated CD16 at 9am.

    Congratulations on your pregnancy! It sounds like you are hoping for a girl too! We just wanted a baby...either was fine, but it was great to get the gender that I've always wanted. :)

  • Hey Misty and Carla

    How is it going for you guys??? how's the babygirl doing?
  • Jaymilly,

    Thanks for's going great! We'll be 24 weeks on Friday! Time has gone so fast!

    My placenta is anterior so it took longer for me to begin to feel her move, but I finally started to feel her on May 28th and my partner finally felt her on Sunday. That was so exciting.

    Oh, we now have a first name picked out...her name is Reece. No middle name yet, but we're working on it. ;)

    Hope all is well with you.

    Misty, Carla and Baby Reece
  • Reece... I like it... how about Miracle for her middle? She is one, you know... :-)
  • Yes, she is! :)

    You're on the right track though...we are trying to come up with something that is sentimental...we just aren't there yet. Hopefully soon!
  • Names are so fun! Dp and I have enjoyed working on that alot. We have come up with two boys first and middle and two girls, first and middle as well by using some family names and some we just like. Dp does not think we should tell them, she wants us to be the first to use them and so on...she also feels that if we need to change one (which we have had to due to spelling issues :) ) then everyone won't have to be re-told...even though I can't share I think names are soooooooooo fun!

    I like the name Reece! Good job moms!
  • Misty and Carla I don't know how i missed this, I didn't know you guys were having a little girl!! How exciting and i love the name its so sweet!
  • momx2...keeping it a secret would be so much fun, but neither of us are good at that! Good luck!
  • Love the name and Congrats on having a baby girl!
    Healthy is always great but getting what you've always dreamt of is all the better : ) Best to you all in the last few weeks.
  • Thanks girls! We had our 24 week check up on Monday is she looks great and weighs 1lb. and 9oz.

    We got lots of pictures of her in 4D...they are amazing! Seeing her on the U/S only makes us wish she were here with us already! We are so ready to welcome her to the world!
  • MistyandCarla~

    CONGRATULATIONS on the WONDERFUL news!! Girls r soo much fun!! But we are feelin the same when we do get out BFP, we just want a healthy baby either will do!! But u know what's funny, my partner and I decided 3 years ago that if we have a baby girl together, that her name would be Kaley Reece!! See we have more in common then we thought!! I am overjoyed for all three of you! : ) You are offically three now!!! YAY!!!!


    Dani & Bev~
  • Kaley Reece...that's beautiful! Keeping our fingers crossed for your BFP!

    Good luck and KUP!
  • Hello Misty, Carla and baby Reece

    I am so glad thinks are going great and I bet feeling the baby move was a wonderful feeling. We are trying to get financially ready for our next try soon. Can't wait but this time we are more afraid due to our miscarriage. By the way I like Reece is a cute name.


    Wow. Miracle is my middle name but in spanish (Milagros) it sounds better in english.
  • Jaymilly...I know trying again is going to be an emotional time, but keep in mind that with every try you get closer and closer to your goal...the BFP!

    Hang in there!
  • Congratulations! Been so long since I'vevisited the boards and so this news is great!!!!
  • Thanks and welcome back Catchavez! :)
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