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Hi Everyone...I've been trying since October. I've only had one IUI due to issues of either being overly stimulated, too many follicles, than needing rest cycles, than cysts etc... I should be able to start a new cycle around the beginning of February. Anyway, I thought I'd see what tips everyone has out there for helping my chances of it actually working this time. I know about elimating caffeine, but what else has any of you heard about that may help? Thankds :-)


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    Try to stay relaxed. Try to eliminate stress from your life...seriously. I just had my second IUI and am in the 2ww. We tried in October...we had 2 eggs and got a negative pregnancy result. Then in November, we had to cancel because I had developed an ovarian cyst due to the fertility drugs. So we just tried again on the last two days of 2008. I can tell you this... the first IUI was surrounded by an intense amount of stress, busy work, running around, traveling for work, etc. This time, I have been extremely relaxed.... reading novels, hanging out with family, watching movies with my partner, and more. I have been very careful and mindful in general since the insemination. I had 5 eggs this time and am worrying if this is too many.....when you canceled due to too many follicles, how many did you have?? Just wondering! Hope this helps!

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    Hi Kathy.... thanks for the advise. My first cycle I had about 15 follicles..haaaa way too many. The insemination was cancelled and then I had to have a rest cycle as those follies just wanted to hang on. My dr. cut my dosage in half and that cycle I had 5 follicles. My dr. said this was still alot, but my husband and I were okay with twins so they went ahead with it (really depends on the size of them...more than a couple over 18-19 cm is kind of risky for multiples... I think anyway. Still sort of learning about all this stuff), but it didn't work. The dr. is thinking that maybe because I had so many follicles they just weren't strong enough. That's when I ended up with a bunch of cysts, so another rest cycle. My dr. said the next cycle will be a much lower dosage of follistim in the hopes I have about 2-3 stong follicles. Let me know how you make out... have my fingers and toes :-) crossed for you.
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    Thank you for sharing!! I will keep my fingers and toes crossed for you too!!
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    Hi guys,

    I read so many stories of women having trouble with over stimulation and then getting cysts as a result and then having to wait several cycles. It seems the doctors these days are really pushing the drugs. While I agree drugs are probably a good option for someone with a long history of infertility, I wonder whether these drugs are really necessary for most people. It seems as though in many cases they do far more harm than good. Most of us gay women don't have an established track record for fertility. I got pregnant on my 4th IUI cycle without drugs and I'm 38. I use holistic medicine and see an acupuncturist regularly. Non-traditional health care practitioners can really help boost fertility. I'm just curious why more women aren't exploring more interventions outside of mainstream medicine. Is it because the doctors are insisting these drugs are necessary? Is it because people think that a more 'aggressive' approach will yield better faster results? From what I've read, it seems the drugs are causing too many side-effects and are actually stunting fertility. For those women who went directly to drugs withouth trying naturally, what were the factors that went into your decision?

    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this...

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    I just want to echo Catherine's sentiments. My husband and I used a donor, and my doctor was very insistent on trying natural cycles first. We tried four natural cycle IUIs (chemical pregnancy after the second IUI), all with the same CCB donor, and then tried IVF in order to do a testicular biopsy from my husband. No sperm was found, so the eggs were fertilized with the same CCB donor we used for the IUIs, but I didn't get pregnant. Even after the failed IVF cycle, our doctor really urged us to try a different donor, acupuncture, and just a couple more IUIs on my natural cycle. I started acupuncture, and on our first IUI attempt with the new donor, I got pregnant with our now 16-month-old daughter.

    Who knows why the first donor didn't work for us? He was very popular and many pregnancies were reported. It just wasn't meant to be, and apparently he and I just didn't "fit." We now have limited vials left from the donor used to conceive our daughter, as he has retired and no more vials are available, so when we start trying for Baby #2 in April I will again be going for acupuncture. I am also taking Women's One A Day vitamins, though over the counter prentatal vitamins are good too, and I've heard that green tea is supposed to promote fertility. Even though it is cliche and so much easier said than done, relaxation really is important. Good luck to you!
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    Here are a few things I consumed EVERY DAY, starting a month before I was going to try IUI...

    * ate a handful of almonds
    * MADE MYSELF drink a glass of milk (I hate milk)
    * had salad for lunch (lettuce)
    * ate 1/2 container of raspberries

    * I also stopped drinking sodas, etc. (only water)

    From CD1-ovulation...
    * took 81mg of baby aspirin
    * Mucinex

    About 4 months prior to that, I began a prenatal vitamin and folic acid...and here's an article to back those things up...


    I can't say that these things are what got me pregnant...all that I can say is that these are the things that I did and by the grace of God, I got a BFP my very first try.

    Good luck!
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