Hi there! 14231's listing states no reported pregnancies- is this still accurate? Do you have any additional info? I'm wondering if this might be because he's just not a very popular donor (I'm fine with that) or if people have been unsuccessful with him?

Any help would be so great- thanks!


  • What does the British flag next to his number mean?
  • Hi All-

    There are no reported pregnancies yet for Donor 14231.

    He's been on our catalog for less than a year and very few vials have been purchased and shipped.

    Please keep in mind that another client's pregnancy or lack of pregnancy has no bearing on your personal chance of success. We ship vials all over the world to women of various ages; some inseminate themselves at home, some use fertility drugs, some use donor eggs, and there are many variables in each client's personal insemination process that affect pregnancy outcome. All of our donors go through the same stringent screening process and are capable of achieving pregnancy.(Less than 1% of applicants become CCB donors!) Feel free to check out this short video on our screening process: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NurCUuZaa1c

    The British flag indicates that this donor's vials can be shipped to the UK.


  • Thank you Nicole!
  • Update in case anyone is interested- we're doing IVF on my frozen eggs and our sample of 14231 DID successfully fertilize all of my eggs that survived the thaw. Implantation is not my body's forte so successful pregnancy is tbd but the embryos look good!
  • Update 2- it worked! I'm pregnant :) with great betas and doubling times.

    good luck to anyone else using this donor! I sincerely hope you'll register with the sibling registry- we'll be there next year!
  • Congratulations C!

    If you haven't done so already, please don't forget to officially report your pregnancy.

    You can give our Client Services Team a quick call or you can complete our online form: http://cryobank.com/Services/Post-Conception-Services/Report-Pregnancy/


  • Hi Carla. Thanks for sharing. Any update on your pregnancy? Wishing you guys the best. Were heavily considering this donor as well.
  • Hi Carla. Thanks for sharing. Any update on your pregnancy? Wishing you guys the best. Were heavily considering this donor as well.
  • Mila2016 I'm sorry for the delay! I'm now 31 weeks with identical twin girls- everything has progressed perfectly (besides my awful morning sickness!) I know another woman currently pregnant with 1 baby from this donor as well. Can't wait to meet our girls!! :)

    Good luck in your decision!
  • Hi everyone! We are scheduled to inseminate with this donor early next week. We would love to know an update about current/successful pregnancies with this donor! :)
  • Currently 31 weeks pregnant with a boy, using this donor! Mila2016 and HopefulMommas- did you decide to go with this donor-any success?
  • We chose him as our donor as well! We are currently in the two week waiting period. We are anxious to know if we are pregnant or not! :)
  • Any updates HopefulMommas, Mila2016, Gwenseggs?

    Our identical girls were born in December! They're 4 months old and the sweetest angels. They look so much like me (I had a lot of similar characteristics as the donor in my baby pics) but seem to have the donor's eyes and definitely have his toes haha (mine are tiny and theirs are so long!) no health problems or allergies that we know of yet
  • That's great to hear! I'm in the slow lane and taking a lot of time. But I love reading the updates about this donor and check back all the time. Are you signing up for the registry? So happy for you!
  • GwenseggsGwenseggs Posts: 4
    edited November 21, 2017 4:21AM
    Beautiful baby boy, I see a lot of my family in him, but he also has the donor's toes!
  • Hi C & G -

    Congrats on your little ones!

    Don't forget that we have a free Sibling Registry if you haven't registered.

    We don't share specific details about pregnancies or births, but the registry is a private community where you can share info with others that have a reported pregnancy from the same donor. They may be excited to hear your news!



  • We signed up in the sibling registry, only one so far.
  • Hey everyone! We just completed our 5th IUI with this donor and found out we are 5 weeks pregnant, due in March! We are incredibly excited! That's funny that the donor's toes seem to be a dominant trait! Haha!
  • Congratulations HopefulMommas!! How exciting! Stay in touch with updates.
  • Hello everyone, we are currently two IUI attempts in with this donor. Hoping 3rd try is the charm. It’s really encouraging to hear all of your success stories. Hope all is well!

  • Hey everyone! Unfortunately, we suffered a miscarriage around week 6 with our first pregnancy using Donor 14231. However, we just found out we are expecting again and are 4 weeks along! Our due date is set for November 7!!

  • Hi @CarlaF I have this donor in my list. Congratulation on your twins!!! How is everything going? Anything you feel confortable sharing about health or allergies? The toes thing is so funny!! hahaha

  • Hey everyone! We just had baby girl two weeks ago! She most definitely has the donors fingers and toes! Would anyone be willing to sell us some of his IUI vials that you have extra? We are hoping to have another baby in the future and wondered if anyone might happen to have a few!

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