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Good Evening Everyone,

My partner and I were married last month and we are in the process of looking for a donor. She is Japanese and African American while I am African American.

She wanted to have a Japanese donor. Has anyone used Donor #11474 before?

Let me know your take...


  • Hi,

    I didn't use this donor, but I just wanted to wish you luck in your process. I haven't seen many African Americans here on this site....nor do I know of any other African American couples going through this process. So, I thought this would be a good opportunity to connect with another couple going through the same process as my partner and I.
  • Thank you Niecy for your support. Sorry for my delayed response. Do you have yahoo. If so send me an email or IM request at [email protected]. That way we can connect and discuss more.

    I hope that things are well on your end...
  • tamaikatoney,

    Although I have used a different donor that the one you have selected...I'm sure you will have a beautiful baby regardless of which donor you choose with that mixture of race. I have a few interracial coupled friends, some straight, some lesbian who have had beautiful babies. The lesbian couple consists of a feminine anglo jewish woman with her DP being masculine, african american, puerto rican and a mixture of some other race she's not quite sure of since she was adopted. They did IUI with an african american mix donor with the anglo being the birth mother. On the 3rd try they were successful and now have a 2yr old BEAUTIFUL little boy that looks like he IS theirs. CCB offers such a wonderful variety of donors with ethnicity that you should be successful and happy with whomever you choose. I will try to find out what donor they used if you are interested.

    Best to you and yours on your selection, attempts at motherhood and congrats on your recent marriage.
    Bundles of baby dust to you both,
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