TWW over...

Thanks ladies. I have to be honest and say that the TWW is a bit$#!
Especially when you have all the signs, major symptoms and no indication that you are going to get a visit from AF. I enjoyed all the little things I felt during that time but I'd rather know sooner than later that it wasn't successful. Know SOMETHING is better than knowing nothing at all. I can deal with that.

Emotionally I doing fine. I don't want to put full blame on the negligence of the RE because my body didn't produce the right amount of hormones but they could have at least done something.
They wanted me to make an appointment today to visit him and I told them that what's the point in seeing him after the freakin' fact when it would have been nice to have seen him a week ago when they knew my Progesterone was low.

Honesty, I can't go through this any more but can honestly say I gave it my best shot.

Oh well...there's always the option of adopting a child that needs a loving family to call their own.

Best to you all and truck loads of baby dust!


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