LH Surge this AM - question

I had first LH Surge this morning and only test once a day. Therefore, my prior test was at 6AM on Sunday morning. I'm afraid I may have had LH surge sometime yesterday afternoon, and should be inseminating this afternoon.
Should I go in tomorrow morning as planned with insemination, or try to see if Dr. would schedule me this afternoon? My only concern is that I missed a huge timeframe in my surge because I was testing 24 hours apart. I just don't want to be too late. Someone with advice please?


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    from what my doc says, you have about 24 hrs after your LH surge until ovulation and to do the insemination. i detected my LH surge around 1pm on 5/27 and he had me come in that evening at 5pm. he prefers to be a little early so the "little guys" are there already. it probably depends, though. we are doing things "au natural" right now. (no meds, etc)i am sure it depends on the doctor, too.

    i hope that helps some.
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    Thanks for your response! We ended up going in around noon today for 1st IUI and are doing 2nd IUI around noon tomorrow.
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    good luck!!!!
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    hnl4...I'm just now seeing this message, but it sounds like you done the right thing...the little swimmers can hang around and wait for the egg...better a tad early than a tad late.

    For all others that will be testing their LH Surge...You should really test more than once a day! Only testing once a day gives you too much of an opportunity to miss your surge! I know it's expensive, but it was worth it to us...we knew that I ovulated on CD15, but to be on the safe side, on CD12 and 13 we tested 3 times a day and on CD14 and 15 we tested 4 times a day.

    Good luck and KUP!
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    Thanks for all the support! We go in for second IUI again today and will be in official 2ww. Will definitely keep all posted.

    And to add to above about LH surge multiple testing - I couldn't agree more. After my :) face appeared so early on Monday morning after having only tested 24 hours before, though I was happy, I wish I had tested even just twice a day to have that peace of mind of a more narrow pinpointed time frame of the LH Surge.

    Best of luck to all.
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    hnl4: Were in the tww together! Did mine IUI on mon, let the fun begin!
    Best Wishes and Baby Dust to you :)!!!
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    Hello all I am new to this I had my IUI on Sunday so I am in the tww also.
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    I just wanted to add (for people who read this) that you should not use first morning urine to test for your LH surge. If you do, the LH will be detected early because of the concentrated urine, you'll get a false positive, and you might be too early with your insem.
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    I agree with jgreer: Since we naturally have LH in our systems all the time, it concentrates when we don't go the the toilet for a while.

    Ironically the ONLY test that I have seen that tells you what times you SHOULD test for your LH surge (and tells you WHY you shouldn't use first morning urine) is the one I bought from Dollar Tree. It says to test between 10:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. The package my RE gave me also says to test between 12:00 and 2:00 p.m.
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    Wow, above two posts make me feel like timing was horrible then!

    At any rate - Clear Blue Digital OPK says it doesn't matter what time you test as long as it's at the same time each day. Go figure! However, from what I've read (after the fact) - testing should not be done in the morning because often times a positive reading will not show until the afternoon. I tested 3 mornings in a row - all negatives - then on Monday got a positive. I'm thinking I may have had initial surge on Sunday afternoon.

    IF I have to do this all over again, god forbid, I would definitely not test again in the morning and test twice a day. The worrying about the timing is so nerve-racking. Fortunately, my ultrasound yesterday indicated I was close to ovulation - my only concern is how close as I had IUI, Monday and Tuesday PM.
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    I decided that on the next cycle (if I can do IUI's after my HSG results) that I'll start testing twice a day: at about 8:00 a.m. and then again about 2:30 p.m. since my RE says I have to call by then to schedule the IUI for the next day. I plan to use the DT tests (only a buck per test!) and save the CBE digitals for when I get the + on the DT's... seems that they worked this time although I have to pass on this cycle!
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