Here I go......again and I still have questions!


Well I got my period on day 24. Today I was hoping to take HPT and have good news and be pregnant for the first time. Instead, I am starting menoput 150/day today. It stinks. I was wondering what time of day anyone with success takes the medicins. Am or PM? Also, I will be having IUI and was wondering how many most have. In the past on clomid with OPT I had 2 however with IUI menoput and trigger RE said statitics both at their clinic and nationwide proved not much greater success with 2 iui's since I surged on my own had one great follie and a few that were prob not viable than with one. RE in case it did not work the chances of it working the next time and saving the vial were much greater than doing 2 iui's. Last cycle was supposed to be our last due to costs both financially and mentally. However since I had one more vial, I elected to go ahead and have another cycle.

Any other helpful tips in addition to answering the questions I had in regards to time of injections and IUI's per cycle would be helpful. We are desperate to become pregnant and appreciate any advice.

Thank you very much.


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    Hi -
    I just got a BFP last week after my second IUI. I did not use menoput, however. We used the gonal-f pen and ovidrel trigger for both cycles.

    On my first cycle I surged on my own and went in for the IUI the next morning. This was unsuccessful and my RE commented that the covering doc had increased my dosage after a weekend U/S and I surged on my own and they were not comfortable with the timing of it all. My IUI was done on day 10 of my cycle.

    My second cycle seemed more controlled. They kept me at a steady level of the Gonal F. I had 3 follicles, one really strong. I took my ovidrel injection at 9pm on Thurs (feb 5th) and went in for the IUI on Sat Feb 7th at 7:30am. So I took the ovidrel the evening of CD 9 and the IUI was the morning CD11.

    I have read that you should do IUI approximately 30-36 hours after the trigger shot. My RE only used one vial for both cycles.

    I hope this helped.
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    Congratultion mgagnon13 on your pregnancy. How much for the gonal-f pen and ovidrel trigger ? Are they expensive, Just want to know because my insurance does not cover these drugs.Thanks.
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    Thank you for responding Mgagnon and and big congrats to you. How lucky that it only took two cycles. I thought that maybe I went too early and it was over the weekdend with a covering doc so I find our stories similiar.

    I only have on vial left and so I feel even more comfortable having one IUI since you did have success.

    Thanks again for your detailed explanation. I really appreciate it.

    Good luck to you for a healthy pregnancy.


    I pay $50.90 per 75 of menopur and 79 for ovadril via caremark pharmacy fertility department. Shipping and supplies is free.
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    Thank you both.

    I wish you both the best of luck in your current cycles. Think positive thoughts.

    Hannaha: My insurance covered my medication for us to three attempts so am not sure of the cost. I do think it is a little more than the menopur.

    Hill: My RE did say he felt one vial is plenty and that it is more about timing. Ironically the count and motility for the second IUI was about a third of the first one and we had success with that vial.

    Baby dust to you both!!
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    Thanks you Gals..:).
    I'm on CD 12, and took Clomid (50mg) on CD 3-7. I did blood test on CD 8 and get normal range (FSH=5 and LH=11).

    My clearBlue fertility monitor show high fertility from CD 11 until now, due to Clomid effect. So my ovulation days is coming near. I did request my OBGYN doc to do ultra sound this Thurs (CD 14) to see how many follicles I have and to check my uterin line.

    Meanwhile, I drink all kinds of vitamin, herbs, baby aspirin, soymilk, wheat germ, and Yam daily. Just notice that my temperatur goes up since using clomids, hotflash at night, and some times do sleep well, even I do sleep 8 hours, my eye turns black just like I never sleep at all.

    Also, I come back to my routine exercise to be more relaxed and ready for the second route.

    Hill, Wish you best, doing thing carefully and with your best but don't put so much expectation into it.

    I'm try to do the same thing...:).
    mgagnon13, Keep us posting on your pregnancy update. Wish that we will follow you very soon...:).

    God Bless Us All.
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