DONOR 14146

Please tell me how many pregnancies he has had? Any refunds due to low count after thaw?
He's our pick for ivf so hoping he has what it takes! :-)


  • Hi L -

    We can share if a donor has more or less than 5 reported pregnancies.

    Donor 14146 has been available for less than 6 months and currently has less than 5 reported pregnancies.

    All of our donors go through the same stringent screening process and are capable of contributing to a pregnancy.

    You can learn more about our specimen quality standards here:


  • We have 3 children with this donor. If you ended up using him please reach out. We would love to connect.

  • CCB can you let us know what the current number of pregnancies/births are with 14146? I’ve tried several times to get onto the sibling registry however it always says it is under maintence. Any help with that would also be appreciated.

  • Hi @Fanatic247 - We can share if a donor has more or less than 5 reported pregnancies or births. Donor 14146 has more than 5 reported pregnancies. He also has more than 5 reported births.

    Our Sibling Registry is currently unavailable because we are working on an updated version of the Sibling Registry. The new website should launch later this month, so please check back.

    Please also be sure to complete birth reports for your family. We currently don't have 3 births reported for one family. Feel free to email me with any questions: [email protected]

    And here's the link to report pregnancies & births:



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