Pregnancy Test Tomorrow

The pregnancy test is tomorrow! The 2 week wait is almost over. So nervous about it! The staff at my doctor's office made us promise not to take an at home EPT in case of a false positive. My doctor put me on clomid, estrogen and the HCG injection on the first try, even though this was my first insemination and I am a very healthy 28 year old. But oh well, I our best friend's went through this doctor and they have two beautiful baby girls! I thought we'd start out with no drugs, but I was okay with taking them upon doing research, talking to the doctor and discussing it with my family and friends. I had two mature eggs, so we will see what happens, if anything. Wish me luck!! Also, good luck to all those mommies-to-be out there waiting in the hardest 2 weeks ever!!!!



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