Donor 14639

Hi -It mentions that this donor has a limited amount of vials but more are expected to become available. Can you tell me the next release date may be?
Also, have any pregnancies been reported?


  • Hi J -

    At the moment, Donor 14639 only has 6 vials left.

    Please note that a future vial release is not guaranteed. It is dependent on a future blood draw and we do not have an estimated date at this time. He is no longer donating and if there is one more vial release, only about 3 vials will be released.

    If this is your favorite donor, I highly recommend purchasing these vials and storing them. If you are doing IUI cycles, you should plan to purchase at least 4-5 vials. If you are interested in having more than one child, I would suggest choosing a different donor that has at least 10 vials available. (If you are doing IVF, you may only need 1 or 2 vials.)

    We offer free storage, a 30-day hold option, and a 50% Vial Buyback. Please don't hesitate to contact Client Services at 866-927-9622 if you have any questions about your options. They are more than happy to help you!

    Unfortunately, we have over 2,000 clients on our waiting list hoping that their donor may have vials sold back to us one day. I just don't want you to miss out on these vials if this is your top choice! You'll see lots of posts on this board from clients looking for extra vials.


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  • BCfambamBCfambam Posts: 13
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    Hey There, My wife and I are looking to see if anyone has any extra vials from this donor. We have a daughter from this donor and would like to have another if possible. We have one 1 vial remaining and will be using our last vial in the next couple weeks. If you have any vials left, we would love to chat. Thank you in advance.

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