Seeking Clomid Advice

I am 33 and about to start my first IUI. My doctor is pro Clomid. I'm wondering if anyone would be willing to share their experiences/decisions regarding Clomid use. Thank you.


  • I knew from charting that I had a 10-11 day luteal phase, so asked for Clomid. It made me clockwork regular (so could schedule the IUI in advance, rather than having to schedule a same-day appointment 90 minutes away) and gave me an extra day of luteal phase. And I eventually got pregnant, but there's no telling whether that's meaningful.
  • I got pregnant on my first Clomid cycle with back to back IUIs and a natural surge (no trigger shot). I took 50mg generic Clomid from days 2-6. Out of my three mature follicles I conceived one child.

    I will take Clomid again this October when I'll start trying for a second child.

    There were no side effects from the pills. I felt perfectly normal. I love Clomid!! Just keep in mind that you'll need ultrasounds during the cycle to measure the number of follicles.

    Good luck.
  • I agree with the previous poster - no side effects from the pills. I got pregnant on my 4th IUI but had ttc for 5 months. I used Clomid all 5 months with a HSG trigger shot on 3 months (natural surge one month and one month I had to skip IUI because residual cysts were too big and no follicles were large enough). The ultrasounds were useful in detecting the size and number of the follicles. The month I got pregnant, I had three mature follicles and conceived one child.
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