Seeking Clomid Advice

I am 33 and about to start my first IUI. My doctor is pro Clomid. I'm wondering if anyone would be willing to share their experiences/decisions regarding Clomid use. Thank you.


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    I'm 35 and my doctor is pro Clomid also
    I had three cycles of Clomid starting at 50
    I had a IUI without and ultrasound but it
    didn't happen for us. Then we used 100 Clomid
    for two cycles. On my third cycle we did an
    ultrasound and a HCG injection and now
    I'm pregnant. I recommend an ultrasound along
    with opk kits. The Clomid did make my opk
    kits not very reliable though. I used First Response
    Opks before Clomid the opks came out really well
    But after they were always light.

    I recommend a good communications with
    your doctor and ask lots of questions

    I had no weird effects on Clomid.

    I'm expecting my baby in June 09.

    Good Luck.
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