I'm 44-IUI vs IVF

I called and confirmed that IUI w/out medication for one cycle is 2-2,500.00 and meds will be an additional 1,500-3,000.00. IVF is $8,300.00 excluding medication which is an additional 3-5k.

Therefore, financially IVF seems less expensive. I have been referred to a loan program which assists fertility patients.

My plan, if I choose IUI with a doctor is to: request an injectable medication and ultrasounds for two months which would identify the timing of conceivability and then have the IUI.

I also disagree with the statistics of older woman since they do not consider all ethnic backgrounds nor their or my family history.

However, since statistics do not exist for Latinos with a South American Indian and Puerto Rican origin. I will have to decide between today and tomorrow morning at 9am which route will determine my destiny.


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    I'm very confused about your costs. My partner is 44 as well and we are self payers for our IUI's. 1 IUI is $370 plus what we spent on IUI ready sperm. If you use Clomid as your med of choice, the cost is an extra ~$10 a cycle, because it is available generically and is on WalMart's $10 list.

    Please check into your IUI costs- they sound absolutely outrageous.
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