Implantation Spotting

Hi all...wanted to pose a question to everyone. My wife and I had our first at home ICI this month. Today is 14 days post insemination. Yesterday (13 dpo) we experienced light brown spotting that lasted all of an hour. We thought AF had reared her ugly head, but nothing ever came of, 14 dpo, all brown spotting has ceased.

We did test last night and got a BFN, but was curious to see if anyone had experienced this. We are thinking (hoping) MAYBE it might be implantation bleeding. My wife had a lot of cramping over the last 9 days, more so than she ever has had preceeding her period. Any thoughts? similar experiences?


  • Jen-
    On my cycle that I became pregnant on, I had a similar experience. It was about 12 DPO and I had a light brown discharge. I told my wife that cycle #5 was a failure too, and just waited to get my period. It went away in an hour or 2, and never came back. I kept waiting for something, anything... and nothing. I took a pregnancy test 14 DPO and it was a negative. I tested to mornings later, and it was positive!

    Don't know if it will end up the same way for your wife, but it sounds extremely similar to my experience and I'm 14 weeks pregnant.
  • I also had brown implantation spotting with both my pregnancies, around 12 to 14 DPO. With my first pregnancy I had the spotting at 12 DPO, and I got my BFP two days later. With this pregnancy I got a very early BFP at 9 DPO and had the spotting at 14 DPO. Good luck to you!
  • thank you guys!

    we are hopeful again...I guess we just have to wait and see. if AF has not arrived by tomorrow morning, we'll test again. thanks for the positive stories...they definitely help!!
  • Jenhar...I never had the IB, but I had the felt like period cramps. They began at about 3dpiui for me.

    This all sounds promising! We'll be expecting a BFP real soon!
  • Misty and Carla I'm just curious what your symptoms were? Was this your 1st IUI, meds, trigger used?? It's always nice to her the positive success stories!
  • alvin,

    We were so blessed...we got a BFP on our first was a natural meds, no trigger. I done lots of research before our first try in hopes of having the best possible chance. I was willing to try anything...I don't know if these things aided in our BFP, but our RE said that they couldn't hurt. Here's a few things that we did off the top of my head...

    *Took Mucinex
    *Took Baby Asprin
    *Ate Raspberries
    *Stopped all caffeine
    *Drank milk

    About 3 dpiui I began with the cramping...I was so tired and I slept a lot! My boobs got really sore probably about 6-7 dpiui. At one point the hunger pains hit me...I was hungier that I'd ever been before. The main thing that I knew was different was that I had CM that never went away! It was weird...I knew that before I would only have CM about 1-2 days prior to ovulation. I had listened and observed my bodys every move for months...I told DP that I knew I was pregnant way before we got our BFP! She thought that I was crazy!

    If you do a search under my username, you'll find many posts on this topic from me. I can't really remember all of the details, but I posted them as I went along.

    We are now 22 weeks pregnant and loving every minute of it.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.
  • Implantation usually occurs anywhere from 5DPO to 10DPO.

    When I got pregnant with my daughter I had implantation bleeding (I think it was at 12DPO). I didn't get my BFP until 14DPO.
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