NO 3rd IUI??? : (

Well on my 1st cycle day 10 U/S I had 1 follicle that was 16mm, and my estridol was at 612, that was on the 13th, I had my 2nd U/S on the 15th, my estridol was 898, and the follicle was 26mm...

It went up 10mm in 2 days? That afternoon, my RE called me and told me that, with my, follicle at 26mm, that I either ovulated, or was getting ready to ovulate that day? She said that the limit they like to use for the IUI's was 20mm!!!!
So that we couldn't do the IUI this month?

I don't understand how it went up 10mm, in 10 days?

So we had to just rely on doing our donations, with DP bacically doing the ICI... (remember we have a live donor?) So we did One that day, the 15th, and again on the 17th, just in case!! HELP this is driving me crazy?????????


  • I don't have any ideas. Just wanted to drop off some babydust!
  • momx2~

    Thank You, for the baby dust!! Anything that u do is still support!! And We really appreciate it!! : ).... So have for along are u again?
    I'm sooo happy for u guys! : ) awww! I can't wait to be in ur shoes, who knows, mabye this will be the momth.. I am a firm believe that everything happens for a reason.. So hey mabye this was meant to happen??

    But yes, thank you Baby Dust is ALWAYS welcome : )

    Thank You for responding.....

    Dani & Bev~

    I accidently said in my 1st post on this thread, that I didn't understand how my follicle went up 10mm in 10 days? I MEANT how could it go up 10mm in 2 days?????? Opps, sorry!!

    Any feedback welcome!!! : )
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