Good morning everyone.

I've previously posted as Alastrian 2, but with the new website, we had to re-register :c(

My partner, who is attempting pregnancy with CCB donor 11121, is 43 and about to go through her 6th iui using clomid and triggering shots. Each time we go in, they say her follicles look great, normally 3 to 4, 23MM+ in size. During each insemination, they say our donor's sperm is of great quality, but still no pregnancy.

After that long winded backstory- has anyone used DHEA as a fertility supplement? Did your doctor recommend or discourage its usage? If you used it, what was your dosage and what were the side effects?

The Ladies of team BS


  • My doctor discouraged DHEA because of
    unknown effects on hormones. I had asked
    and was told not to take it.
  • Hi teambs!
    This is azibur, I have an appt today, to check the follicles for 11121, and do IUI this week. I have been doing clomid 100mg from days 3-7 and then will do a HCG trigger shot. Good to hear that 11121 is good quality! I also responded to your other post previously. My email is: [email protected] let me know how the IUI goes!
    Best of luck!
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