BFP! Donor 11211

Today we got our FIRST BFP!!!! Well....the test was positive, the 2nd line wasn't dark but it was definately there. We are excited and nervous. We go to the doctor June 10th for a blood test, then it will be a definite positive.

Wish you all the best of luck and lots of baby dust!!!


  • Congrats, when was your iui??
  • May 13th, my partner was on clomid. It was her first IUI, we tried 3 rounds of ICI at home, two without clomid and one with clomid and all were BFN.

    Good Luck!!!
  • Congrats!! Get on over to the TWW thread!! :-)
  • Yeah!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!
  • Well....Unfortunately we, (my DP) miscarried. It washard to accept and understand but we will try again soon. We have been very busy closing and moving into our new house the day after we found out. We are very blessed that our move went so smoothly. Just thought I would update, I haven't been on the site due to the mov and just trying to keep my mind off of all the baby stuff.

    Congrats to all the new BFP's!!! We wish you all healthy pregnancies.
  • Rack I'm so sprry to hear of your loss. i feel for both of you as the same thing just happened to myself and my partner. Take some time to heal and know that your dream is still in sight.
  • rack1415,

    I'm so heart and prayers go out to you and your DP. May God comfort you during this very stressful time.
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