1st IUI Today 2nd Tomorrow

Hi All,
I had my 1st IUI today. It was very anti climatic!! We had a post wash sperm count of 8 million and 40% mobility. I thought that would have been higher, but what can I do right. It was crazy to see the sperm actually on the ultrasound screen being shot in me!! Our RE is like did you guys see that splash of white color, that was the sperm going in!! My partner's like oMG!! It was crazy.

I was fortunate that I was able to come straight home from the IUI and just laid on the couch all day. I've been really gassy (TMI) and have been peeing a lot, but that's probably because I had to have a full bladder for the ultrasound so that they could see the uterus.

I'll go back in tomorrow at 10am for the 2nd IUI. But I have to go into the office after that, but fortunately its just for staff meeting and office work. No home visits of bouncing toddlers and preschoolers, that will be next week!!

I feel relatively calm, which is weird. I've waited my whole life for this and am excited but surprisingly very calm. I think it will all start to hit me during the TWW, which I guess doesn't start until Saturday??

Thanks for listening and please wish us luck!!

Baby Dust to all!!


  • Sending you tons of babydust! Glad your IUI went so well, good luck tomorrow!

  • Congratulations on your first IUI...that's exciting. These next two weeks are going to be filled with many different emotions...just try to relax and get as much rest as possible.

    Have a good weekend and KUP.
  • That is awesome!!!! We will be doing IUI early next week hopefully we have to wait for LH surge then call in. We are not doing the trigger shot. So we should be fairly close together. I would have thought the numbers would be higher also but what can we do? Please let me know what the numbers are tomorrow and I will let you know what numbers we get. This is really cool same donor almost same cycle. I hope this works for both of us!!!!!!
    Sending you tons and tons of baby dust!!!!!
  • Hi Vic, thanks for all the baby dust!!
    I feel fine have no complaints. The 2nd IUI had the same sperm count of about 8.2 million and she said about half were mobile. She said she's seen people get pregnant with sperm counts of 300,000!!! Remember it only takes one!! This is going to be a long TWW, especially if I have no symptoms. It's pretty surreal to me at the moment.
    I wish you guys the best of luck, with your IUI!! Yes def let me know what your numbers were. Did you guys buy ICI or IUI vials?? Our RE wanted to wash and examine the sperm themselves so we bought ICI vials.

    Baby Dust to all!!
  • We bought IUI that is what out RE said he wanted us to buy. I will deff let you know what our numbers are.
    Bay dustto all!
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