babies are growing!

Had second u/s today babies are right on target with heartbeats of 161 and 176! It was confirmed we have mono-di identical twins. They have own sac but will share a placenta...we had that wrong last week. They are doing great, they waved and danced for us, it was AMAZING!

Melanie and Amy (dp)


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    Awww momx2 I'm so glad to hear that the little beans are growing well!!! That's amazing that you were able to see them moving around and performing for you!!
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    Awe, how precious! This is wonderful news!
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    So glad to hear things are progressing well!!! You both deserve this!!
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    Thank you ladies!

    Kimberly, how are you....an update for us ?
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    Aww that's fabulous , You too must be over the moon ..
    Please keep us all updated on your progress, congrats ladies !

    Kimberly W.
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