Hi everyone

Am new here.Had my IUI today.This was my fourth.This time it was with a differnt RE.I did not feel like my last RE was fully engaged in the process.I turned 37 this week. I used 100 clomid and 150 menopur.I had 5 follies all >18mm. I usually have just one or two.I am cautiously hopeful.I did not tell even my closest girlfriends about this cycle.I know they mean well but I would rather talk to other gals who have been thru this and truly understand what it is like.Thanks to u all for sharing your journey.May we all become mama's.


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    Hey Toto,
    That is really well promising for the BFP..:). Truly cross the fingers for your 2WW. I cancelled my 3rd IUI due to my only one big follicle (40mm) is on the right side where my tube is partially blocked. So I'm taking a break and coming back next month.

    Keep posted when you get pregnant BFP..:).
    God Bless Us All.
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    Hi toto,
    I actually turn 37 today. I've been using clomid. But for my next cycle, my doctor says that I should use injectables. Is that what menopur is? Did you find a cheap place to buy it? This cycle sounds very promising. I wish you lots of luck!!!

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    Hi Ryanl:

    Menipur is injectible and if no luck move forward. Check out caremark pharmacy.

    Good luck.
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