Excited & Nervous


My name is Michelle and my partner name is Shay. We are going through the process to start having a baby. We will be having our first IUI this cycle. We chose donor 02414. Do anyone else have pregnancies from him?

We don't have any ideal what to expect. Can anyone give us any advice?


  • I did not use this donor, but I just gave birth to my son so I know about the process. What I can tell you is... remember to be patient and if at all possible try not to stress!!! I know it's hard especially when it doesn't work, but they say it's harder to get pregnant when you're trying... well for us there are no "accidental pregnancies" so just try to be patient! Your chances of conceiving are only about 25% with each insemination (and that's assuming everything is working fine and you're healthy) so don't give up and try not to get discouraged when/if it doesn't work. It took us 3 tries, and I was only 22! I had myself convinced that it was all a scam :) It did finally work and I got my positive pregnancy test the day after Christmas (I didn't dare test ON Christmas).

    Good luck and remember be patient! Its all worth it when you get those 2 pink lines :)
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