donor# 11349

Has anyone used donor 11349 and had success? We are in the process of choosing donors.


  • thinking about using donor 11349.. Looks like this donor has already been successful.. I think the fact that pregnancy has been reported makes the donor more desirable..
  • I used this donor for my first attempt and it didnt work but i will give him a second chance. Hopefully it will work the 2nd time. I will be doing IUI on 11/6 or 11/7
  • Let me know if it works. We are still in the decision process,we also like 11610. Im still charting and think i may have some problems but we will see. Good Fortune.
  • We will actually be using this donor for the first time next weekend.. Good luck to you all..

    I know that this donor has 5 or less children produced from his baby juice..

    Keep posted if it works out for either of you guys:)
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