Five Mature Eggs???


My partner and I just went in for our follicular US and we have 7 eggs... 5 are mature (one at 21, two at 20, one at 19, and one at 18 1/2). Has anyone inseminated with this many, and if so, what result? Is this too many?? Normal?? I am just not sure. It didn't work on our first IUI attempt and I had two mature eggs that time.... however, my doctor said that the sperm count was low (only 3.8 million) for our first IUI!!! We are pretty upset with this, and are going to wait and see how it goes with our second insemination tomorrow... if the sperm count is below normal again, we are going to switch to a new donor. Our donor has had over five pregnancies though, so we will see...that low of a sperm count is not acceptable though, per our doctor. Any thoughts or the egg count or the sperm count??? Anything will help... I am so nervous!!



  • Will you be willing to give the donor number with such low numbers? I know our RE nurses do not give us counts unless we pay an additional $210 (that is with pre-washed). I found out via the boards that our same donor had counts of about 18 million.

    I do know IUI counts are lower than ICI, and our RE nurses said they look for 5 million and 10 million is "great." Of course this is our 9th attempt (5th after a m/s).

    As for egg count.. If this attempt does not work, we move to injections, and our RE said they only like to see "2 or 3" mature eggs and won't inseminate when 5 mature eggs are present. Keep in mind our RE is very cautious!

    Good luck tomorrow.
  • Hi cjkj. we have a mutual friend... BB.

    i inseminated with 1 mature egg, 2 mature eggs, 3 mature eggs, 4 mature eggs, and cancelled the cycle twice when i had 6 mature eggs. with the 4 mature eggs, i had a chemical pregnancy. with as much as i've gone through, just go with it and inseminate. you have a VERY good chance of it working. think happy thoughts and just know that it will work out the way it's supposed to. good luck!
  • Hello gwiley21!!!
    We have heard great things about you from our wonderful BB!! Good luck to you this time around!! I have been totally thinking about you! I am SO incredibly nervous about having 5...but I am gonna just go with it....we will see. :) I'll keep in touch on the progress. My partner just gave me the HCG injection.

    Donor 2510.... he is extremely popular and has had more than 5 pregnancies... I don't know if it is a one time thing... we will find out tomorrow when we check the sperm count on round 2. Thanks for your well wishes.
  • Hi Kathy,
    I found out today that I am definately not pregnant. I was a little bummed then looked at the bright side and had a cup of coffee. LOL. I am starting 200mg of Clomid tonight. This will be the second cycle that I will be trying to get pregnant. Any advice? How did you feel after your first insemination? Did you have your HCG shot before or after insemination? I wish you nothing but the best of luck with your insemination tomorrow!
  • cjkj,

    thanks for thinking about me! :-) way to go on the hcg! i know that shot is scary the first few times. i hope this is the last time you have to do it! good luck with your inseminations! i'm thinking about you two as well!

  • Hey G,

    It's KJ. We just finished round 2 of the insemination (once yesterday and once this morning). BB thinks it is going to work this time with all these eggs! :) All we can do is wait for now...I hope it is positive, of course! We'll let you know for sure... we go in for the blood test on the 13th of January at 8am, but we will likely do an at home test on Sunday the 11th.

    Talk to you soon!
  • Hello Ive,

    So I am totally bummed...but am so happy that you are looking on the bright side with your cup of joe!! LOL. Just take it easy. Isn't it great to know you can start right back up again with the clomid process with no waiting? I talked about my experience of having to wait in a previous post. It didn't work on our first IUI try, and we were going to start again with the next cycle (in November). Unfortunately, I had a cyst on my left ovary, and had to cancel the cycle. It was SO hard to wait. Before I found out about the cyst, it was easy to cope with the negative test because I never felt like I was sitting and waiting to try. So I am happy that you have started clomid again.

    Regarding the HCG shot, we injected before the insemination for both times. The night before we went in for the insemination, my partner gave me the injection at 9pm. Then we inseminated on Tuesday at 12:45pm and Wednesday at 9:45 am. We will see how it goes this time.... hopefully, it worked this second time around!!

    About my feelings after my first insemination: I had nausea a week after insemination. I was traveling on business in NYC for the Glamour Awards, and after dinner I went back to the hotel. It was around 11 pm and I was so sick to my stomach I thought for sure I was pregnant...but maybe it was something I ate. Anyway, I definitely felt different... and I am really in tune with my body. I run 5 days a week, and I notice changes pretty easily. So needless to say, I was quite shocked and upset. Welcome to the world of conception, right?? I guess most people start out thinking they will get pregnant on the first try... if the eggs are there, why not, right? Anyway, the second time around is way more realistic for me. Now I know what it feels like to get a negative, to have to tell everyone I am not pregnant, to start the process over again. So here we go again with try # 2. Wish us luck. I will absolutely get on here and let everyone know when we find out! This posting board has been such so helpful to me during this process of trying to get pregnant! I wish you the best of luck! Please do not hesitate to ask me anything!!

  • Ive,

    I am sorry to hear this time didn't work for you... Keep up the faith & get focused on your next attempt! I agree with cjkj that it is definitely easier when you can just put your energy into the next round.

    Congrats on your round #2! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you!

    As for me, I'm anxiously awaiting AF (hopefully tomorrow)so that we can get moving with our Clomid & the next attempt!! We had decided to take December off - I've never looked so forward to my cycle starting b/c it is so hard to wait when you know what it is you'd rather be doing!

    Best of luck to all!
  • hey cjkj,

    the first week after insemination is way easier than the 2nd week. this first week will be fine. it'll be the week after that that is hard. at least it was for me. i always hated it when people told me to just relax and try to forget about it, so i'm not going to tell you that. think about it all you want. :-) i think you have an outstanding chance!!

    i bought my IVF drugs today. i start them on sunday!!!!

    happy new year!
  • Gwiley,

    You bought your IVF drugs?! Yay! That is exciting, huh?? The good thing about week two is that I will be back at work!! Hopefully, this time it will happen for both of us, right!?

    Happy New Year back to you!

  • hi cjkj and happy new year!

    yes, the drugs should arrive tomorrow. i'm so excited to get this thing going so i can get it over with. UGH! i'm ready to move on with my life...with a baby! i start the shots on sunday.

    yes, being back at work will be great for both of us! my mind is one track right now and i need to have some 150 7th graders. that should do it! :-)

  • I didn't know you were a teacher as well!! Yes, I think that 150 7th graders will definitely do the trick!!

    How was it getting through the shot today?? It seems like no matter what we have to go through, we just do it b/c we know that is how we will get to where we want to be...pregnant!!

    Good luck at school tomorrow!

  • thanks, cjkj! yep, i'm a teacher. school went fine.

    how were your inseminations? i never knew how mine would go. i apparently have a stubborn cervix (just my luck) and it is curved, so the doctor almost always had a tough time getting through. it sucked sometimes. other times it was easy. weird.

    the shots are fine. my doctor does not do intra-muscular shots, so i am really lucky in that regard. the needles are tiny. the first 2 didn't hurt at all. last night's was a little painful for some reason, but honestly not that big of a deal. it sucks to say it but i'm so used to it now. OH, the shot is just tlike the HCG injection right before you inseminate!! it's just like that. thanks for asking.

    anyway, when will you find out if you're pregnant?

    have a great week!

  • Hi ladies,
    Happy New Year! I'm a teacher too. Its funny that we are all surrounded by kids and yet want one so bad. I'm due for an insemination this week so let's see how it goes. I wish you all the best of luck in this new year!
  • Hi gwiley!! SO glad to hear that the shots are like the HCG shot... I am a huge baby when it comes to needles, and I think the HCG shot is tolerable. I am so happy you don't have to do the intra-muscular shots. How do you feel otherwise? Any side effects? I am so excited for you!!

    My official blood test is on January 13th, Tuesday at 8am, but I will probably take a HPT on Jan 11, Sunday. BB texted me saying it was less than five days until I find out!! Talk to you soon. Glad school went well! KJ

    Ive-Good luck with your upcoming insemination!! KJ
  • Cathy, Ive, & gwiley,

    Interesting that you are all teachers! My partner teaches too! I have a question for you... How "out" are you at work & with your co-workers?

    My partner is very closeted at work. She feels strongly that it would be looked negatively upon by some administrators. She really loves her job & doesn't want anything to jeopardize that.

    Several of her co-workers know me but she always refers to me as her "roommate" although I know that some of them "know"... they just respect that she is not comfortable confirming it to them.

    We could continue this way forever, if not for our future child calling us both "mom"...

    Any thoughts on how you all will handle it? Especially if you are not really "out" now...

  • Thanks KJ. Kimberly, I'm out at work. Honestly, NYC is not soo bad and since I don't work at for a school (I work for an agency) I feel free to be myself. My ex was also a teacher and that was a lot like the situation that you are in. She was really closeted at work although most people suspected that I was not just her roomate. After living in that situation for some time I got tired. The relationship I am in now is totally out and I love it like that. I don't know if any of this has helped? How do you feel about your relatioship being in the closet?
  • Ive,

    Thanks for your input. Actually, we are only "in the closet" as far as her job goes. With all other aspects of our life we are definitely "out"... (we've been together 14 years).

    I just don't even know if this is something to stress about since her work life and our private life don't intersect too much. Just worried about the stress it may cause her if we run into her work people, etc.

  • Kathy -
    I am so happy for you and CJ... You are in my thoughts and I'm excited for your results... that's only 3 days away!!! Wow.. I remember the day we checked our HPT... we had to walk away from the bathroom and then we tip toed back in .... like the little test could hear us... ha... I would suggest the Clear Blue Easy Digital as I did research and they are most accurate the earliest!

    Best of luck to you again! BTW, you are in Houston right? Before I moved to Memphis about 3 years ago, I used to book all the music at Chances! ha...
  • Shannon,

    Really?! Chances!!?? Haha... the only lesbian club in Houston, right?? :) Do you love Memphis? My sister attended Rhodes College for two years before transferring to the University of Houston and I got to visit there twice. I really enjoyed it! I love your idea about getting together one day for some get together!! Wouldn't that be neat??

    Thank you for being happy for CJ and know Shannon- you manage to be so positive and so thoughtful, even among the hardest times. You are an inspiration. I know it will work for you. I can tell in the words that you write, your excitement, and your energy that you are going to be a wonderful mommy when your moment happens. I think it is so great that you can try again after two cycles..... some women try for YEARS to get that positive test, and you had a positive on day 1. I think that will happen again for you. And there are SO many women who have a miscarriage and then have several successful pregnancies/births....I hope you don't assume that you would have multiple miscarriages... I know it is possible, but try to be positive about that piece... my friend recently had a miscarriage and they are trying again with the total hope that it will be successful. I hope you are able to move forward with hope and support.

  • Kimberly,

    I am actually not a teacher, just surrounded by them I guess!! :) I am a dual degree student in law and social work and I work for an international peace organization called the Nobel Women's Initiative! :)But I wouldn't mind being a teacher!!

  • Kathy -
    Love Memphis now because it brought me to Vickie! Yes, Chances - it was a great place to spend my late twenties and I met some great female artists who toured through Houston! So the question to you... Did you get a chance to test yet today? Fingers triple crossed today for you!

    Thanks for all your kind thoughts... we are looking forward to trying again and starting our plan to get through the next few months before we can start again!

    BEST of LUCK to you - TONS of Baby Dust heading your WAY!!!

  • Hi Shannon,

    Yes, we did test on the 10th, 11th, and this morning. The clear blue easy digital and first response digital are saying "Pregnant" and "Yes". We have tested 5 times now. One in the morning and once at night. I also tried the non-digital ones on the 10th and saw a faint line; so that scared me and I switched back to digital. :) We go in for the blood test tomorrow! Thanks for all your well wishes. We are truly excited about the possibility of being pregnant. I have told a few people, and then will confirm with the blood test tomorrow and let everyone else know as well. I am being cautious, you know... but I am excited as well!! I will post tomorrow for sure with the final results. Then we have to go back in a few days to make sure the beta counts are increasing. love and hugs from Houston, kathy
  • Kathy,

    I'm reading your post....... congrats!!! here's hoping the blood work turns up positive as well!!! Let us know..
  • Kathy,
    How was your HPT? I was unable to inseminate this month. I had eggs on the blocked side but none on the right side. I went to a new clinic and they are sending me for another HSG but this time with a cannalization (I'm scared!). Anyway, onwards we trek. I wish you lots and lots of baby dust!
  • Congrats Kathy!!! I forgot to check the second page. lol. I'm so excited for you!! I really hope the bloodwork confirms your results!
  • cjkj-
    I have heard that this donor has a low sperm count (I was asked how we did it and if we had a low sperm count also). I know 3 of the 5 kids have been IVF and two are Amy's amd mine. I am not sure about the twins in Texas.
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