Birth announcement

Hi All-

Just wanted to share some good news. My son was born healthy and perfect on November 7. I got pregnant with him on the second IUI try and he's already the joy and love of my life.

There's nothing else like it!! Good luck to all of you who are trying- they're worth every bit of what you're going through to get them!!

Thank you Cryobank!!


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    Congratulations to you. Did u report your birth to CCB already? If you havent yet, go to the "Services" section and then click on "Post Conception Services" tab, and tnext you click in the "Report your pregnancy" tab, and then you report your child´s birth(or pregnancy) by filling out the "Outcome of Insemination Report" and you submit it to CCB. Good luck with everything.
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    Yes, I reported my birth and pregnancy when I was about three months along. I'm waiting for the sibling registery to come back on line. I know there's other children from the donor and I'm excited to know how many and where they are.
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