latest u/s results

Yesterday we finally had another u/s! Babies are growing perfectly and do is doing great! She is almost 16 weeks.

The tech was able to tell us that it looks like we MAY be having girls ( she got a really good shot)! We will know for sure in three weeks at tha an. scan! But for now we are 90% sure we are on team pink! We are over the moon, again...these babies just continue to amaze us!

Hope you all are well! :)


  • I posted on the other board, but thought I would add another congratulations on this side also. So happy to hear that everything is progressing well for the 4 of you!!!! When we first started this process I was so sure that I wanted girls and girls only (I understand it is not my decision) but with the time it has taken us to finally become pregnant bring on a boy. Of course healthy is the first priority, but I have adjusted my thinking and will be just as delighted with a boy, but I get excited hearing about the little girls. So happy to hear all is well and look forward to hearing about your next scan!!!!!

    One of my closet girlfriends has two adorable identical twin girls. The first year I could never tell them apart. Now even though they are clearly identical they are very much each their own also.

  • momx2...Congratulations...that's great news! Glad everyone is doing well. How exciting...two little girls!!! I'm having a blast buying little pink things...they are just so cute!
  • You know you are so right, girl clothing is more fun...I have to admit. Until now dp and made ourselves look at both but we would always wind up ooohing and ahhing over the girl stuff.

    Doneen, we feel the same as long as it took us to get here...healthy is all we pray for. We will be just as thrilled if on the 5th they see boys. We did buy a few items for the fun of it but made sure we kept the tags and all for exchanges. So that day we will either buy something else girly or make some fun exchanges! It is all so exciting.

    Thanks you both!!
  • momx2...As soon as we left the doctors office and they told us it was a girl, we headed straight to Babies R Us! We had the best time shopping! We also decided to register that was a nice way to spend the day. :)
  • momx2 - congratulations - that's amazing!!!

    And I agree - while shopping for our son, I always love to look at the little girls clothes - more variety, more possibilities... I love my son, but I would love the next one to be a girl!
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