Process new for partner, not so much for me

Hello All,
I am so glad I found this bulletin. My partner and I live in Northern California and will go next month for our first attempt. We have been planning a family for over a year so we are very excited to begin. I have chosen the donors that I like (because I will not carry and therefor want certain physical traits) and was wondering if any of you have attempted with the ones I have picked. They are #'s 648, 2496 2500 2507 3364 3786 5698 and 7012.

Anyone else having partner carrying due to you medically not being able to (endometriosis=hysterectomy)


  • I have twin boy's with 5698 born 12/07. What characteristics are you looking for??
  • I know it sounds so common but I would like the donor to have as much similiarities as me but the blonde hair is the most important. But Ideally I would like blonde hair blue eyes sicilian as far as looks.
  • Oh yes, now that I went back I remember this one. As I said we are looking for someone to resemble me is some form and I am an artist. I paint with acrylics and watercolors and have done some theater and film. The arts have always been a part of me. Plus the Italian. What made you decide on this one? What state are you in?
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