Hello ladies,

I'm 40 yrs old and ttc. I went to my obgyn and she requested that I have a hsg test before I try again . Looks like I won't be able to do IUI until Aug having scheduling problems with work anyway, how soon after hsg testing should you inseminate? I've read that sometimes having this done really helps with getting preggers. Any advice or suggestions are greatly appreciated..

Kimberly W.


  • I don't know how long to wait, but I've read alot of posts about people getting pregnant right after this was done! Surely someone with this experience will post!

    Good luck!
  • Same here... my nurse, Debbie, has scheduled me for a HSG as well. Due to my favorite curse of reading a lot, I asked her for it since I don't want to waste time on a IUI if I should be doing a IVF... and she agreed to have it scheduled. And that puts me in the same situation as Kim. IF we can get it done before I ovulate, I can get the IUI done if that's what I need still... but if not, it will be July for me before I try again.
  • I did 3 cycles of back to back IUIs before my doctor had me do a HSG test. I did an IUI about a week later, and didn't get pregnant. But the following cycle I did get pregnant. "They" say that even if your tubes aren't blocked up that this kind of flushes out the dust and cobwebs (not literally) and basically make the little "hairs" in your uterus stand up and be extra sticky so they have a better chance of catching the fertilized egg as it falls. "They" also say it improves your chances of getting pregnant for the next 3-6 months (some say up to a year but that seems a bit long to me).

    Some people have a TON of pain with the test, and others (like myself) didn't have any pain what so ever, once they got the tube inside. When they inflated the little balloon thingy that keeps the tube in place, it felt like bad cramps but that was about it.

    So, you can do your IUI any time after the test, but you can't do it before.
  • Thanks everyone,

    So sounds like I don't have to really worry about timing of HSG testing. I was concerned if I had hsg test next month that it would be too soon. Since I won't be having IUI until Aug. Thanks ladies for all the info , I feel a lot more prepared this time around ! Good luck to everyone + babydust to all !!

    Kimberly W.
  • Scheduled for the 8th of June... will see if I can continue on the IUI track or not... so looks like I will have the next AI in July... don't think we'll make it in time for my June cycle.
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