Donor 11331?

Hello out there!

My partner and I are very new to this, but we're getting up to speed fast! We've chosen donor 11331 and are wondering if anyone out there has used this one with great success (or not!).

Hope all is well for everyone.

-Rebecca & Janay


  • Hello

    My my this donor is amazing isn't he .. just perfect. I did try him in November but it was a no go... at the time his profile said he hadn't gotten anyone pregnant and now it says he has. I wish you the best of luck. I tried another donor on the 12th who did have a higher sperm count. That is not to say it will not work for you.. I think my timing was off. This does not help any .. LOLOLLLOL>. baby dust
  • my doctor said it was 10 million.. my new donor is 20 million.. that might help. (feew) I feel better. Let me know how it goes... when do you go for your first try
  • check under success stories... there is a whole page of people talking about 11331 .. most of them say no pregnancy after several tries but one says yes they did get pregnant on .. well you can read them.. ok im done
  • Wow - thanks for all the feedback! Good to know that at least someone out there had some luck.
  • he is also a donor of the month you can find his pic online for free ninety nine
  • Hahaha - free 99.. funny! We had already gone and downloaded the packet for him - very interesting and SUPER detailed!
  • I wish you the very best of luck and all the baby dust ever made LOL let me know how it goes
  • Any other updates on this donor?? He seems to be getting mixed reviews LOL. Some say they have had trouble getting pregnant with him and others have been successful
  • I got pregnant on the first try with this donor. but i had a miscarriage at 6 weeks. Miscarriages doesn't have to do anything with the sperm. is the developing of the embryo or fetus, the woman's body, stress or many other things that can Trigger a miscarriage. My miscarriage was natural and spontaneaous. My doctor said his sperm count is very good. they normally look fro 5 to 10 and he is 8 million. His profiles is very good and the baby pictures is sooooooo cute! Good luck and baby dust!
  • Hi. We have had 3 unsuccessful IUI's using donor 11331 but his numbers have been great each time. We just started injectables and are hoping we have success. Our RE advised us to keep using our same donor because of his high numbers. It is great to see that so many of you have gotten pregnant using this donor. It gives us hope. Thanks,
    Jeanine and Peggy
  • I am currently in my tenth week of pregnancy, and used this donor. Did three IUIs.

    Best of luck!!!
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