Medication Help. I need an affordable pharmacy


I am paying cash for everything and need help with finding the most affordable medicine possible. I am paying $58.90 per vial of menopur and bravelle. Ovidrel around $90. Can anyone help me. I am on my 7th cycle and need to decided on what is next. Medication costs make a big difference on what I do next.

Thanks so much.


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    My RE uses Freedom FP Fertility Pharmacy and my Ovidrel is only 44.25. The address is 12 Kent Way Byfield, MA 01922 and the phone 800-660-4283.
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    Check into Village Pharmacy. They are located in Brookline Massachusetts. That is who I used for both my pregnancies and now I am also using Freedom Fertility for my Gestational Surrogacy. That is who this new clinic uses.
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    I just found out one website with lowest price on fertility drug -
    menopur = $33, gonal F = $42, etc..
    (800) 341-0464
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    So have you used them? The seem very affordable. I am moving to IFV with high stems and big buck so I want to be sure I am using an affordable reiable pharmacy.

    Thanks so much!
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    For this time, I bought 5 vials of Gonal -F 75 ui from Freedom fertility.

    But next time, I may use them,they are cheap because they are shipped/made from European.
    Good Luck to you Hill on the new opportunity.
    Keep us Posted.
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