New...help :)

Hello! I'm new to this whole process. It's exciting, but kind of scary....will I have enough money? what will I tell my child about why he/she doesn't have a father? what will I tell the people I work with? I have an appointment with the fertility clinic on Monday. I'm hoping to find out more information. I'm thinking about using donor 11118? Has anyone ever used that donor before?


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    Welcome to the bulletin board. This is a really good place to get some of your questions answered. Good luck!
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    I'm new to this whole process and am thinking about using donor 11118. I'd love it if anyone has any information they're willing to share about their experiences with using this donor. Thank you! :)
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    Hi mers13chow-
    I still have a few tests left before I move forward & I also have to wait a month or two because the doctor wanted me to get the chicken pox vaccine before I try to get pregnant. Where are you in the process?
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