Right b4 my IUI, my primary care Dr. ran a thyroid test on me, once b4 i was told my thyroid was a lil low, so i didn't think much of it, so right b4 my IUI i had my Dr. ran another one and this time it came back low, and i was diagnosed, with hypothyroidism.. Which might explain the trouble getting pregnant?? So now i have been reffered to an endocrinologist!!! My appt. isnt till June 4th! At 1st they told me not till aug.
I flipped out, and explained my situation, to the nurse.. so she told me she would talk to the Dr. and see if she could see me earlier!! I figured ya right!! But to my disbeleif she called back like 10 mins later, and said the Dr. looked at my chart, and aggreed to come in early on June 4th @ 8:30am!!! What a blessing right??

Does anyone have this??? And could this have screwed up my IUI?? My follicles looked good and had 4 of them.. My RE dosen't know about this yet, and I was scared to tell her, cause I had just found out, and didn't want her to cancel my IUI!!!

So if anyone has so advice for me that would be great?? Can this IUI still be sucessful??

Help??? Thanks for reading...

Dani & Bev~


  • Dani,

    Hello, I hate it that you're going through this, but here's what I found...

    HYPOthyroidism is better thatn HYPERthyroidism when it comes to infertility...

    Good luck and KUP!
  • Misty and carla~

    Thank You very much for this link, It definately made me feel ALOT better....

    Like You said, HYPO, is better then HYPER...

    Yes it sucks very much, that this has to be happening now!! But hey, GOD NEVER gives us more then we can handle!!!! :)

    So all we can do is hope that things go well with our IUI, we are 10pIUI today, and my appt. with my endocrinoligist is very soon....

    We will KUP on both situations, and again TY for everything!! :)

    DANI & BEV~
  • You're dust and prayers to you.
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