Well today we r 8dpIUI!!! We r trying not to think about it much, and i have no desire to test either, I hate the BPN, so the way I see it LOL is if I wait long enough mabye i'll get a BFP??? (hey i can wish right)

The only differences with me r a lil more tenderness in my breasts, like in the inside near the cleaveage area, and up towards the nipple area!! And i am wanting ALOT of sweets out of nowhere, and I am more tired now, but I'm not looking at those as symptoms so, just wanted to fill everyone in!! :)

We will keep yall posted... and plz wish us lots of luck!! And Tigger We wish u the best of luck... Plz let us know what is going on with Yall, We r praying for U, and everyone else too!!

Best of luck..

Dani & Bev~


  • Dani...those symptoms sound promising!

    Good luck!
  • Misty and Carla~

    Thank You very much for the positive thoughts, we really appreciate you for answering our thread! :)

    You all are great, I always see posts yall have put up, or just helping others, to some you have no idea, what that means!! :)

    Thanks again!! We will definately KUP!!
  • Awe, how nice...thank you.
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