Help timing IUI using Clear Blue Digital Ovulation test

I am using the Clear Blue Digital Ovulation test where it tells you 4 days for fertility. The test gives 2 high days followed by 2 peak days. My doctor said to call to schedule my IUI on the day I get a positive test. My question is: would I call on the first day of a High positive test or on the second day of a High positive test? I have had one IUI and went in the day after my first High positive test but now second guessing that I went in a day too early.


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    I used the Clear Blue Advanced Digital and would call my doctor the morning I got my first solid smiley face. The flashing smiley faces are indicating the test is detecting E3G, which accumulates shortly before ovulation. The solid smiley face means the test is detecting LH, which means you should ovulate in the next 24-48 hours. The flashing smiley face can happen for days, it's the solid smiley face that matters since that's the "positive test."

    I loved using these because the flashing smileys give you a heads up that ovulation is close, and we'd usually call and order the sperm for pick-up on the first day of a flashing smiley. Everyone is so different though, and my cycles were super regular and predictable with 2-3 days of flashing and then a solid. My wife would sometimes get flashing smileys for days and never a solid.

    All this to say, I'm pretty sure your doctor wants you to call when you get a solid smiley. Good luck with everything!
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    I used those as well. I took the test every morning and went in for inseminations for two days after I got a solid smiley. I was successful on my second IUI but miscarried BUT was successful on my first iui after the miscarriage. The flashing smileys are too early- especially if you're using donor sperm.
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    I use that monitor also. I researched how LH surges in the body and found some very specific info on timing and testing for blood and urine LH. Based on all that I timed my IUI for the SECOND morning after the Peak 2 (or solid smiley) indicator (so, if you get the Peak 2 on a Thursday morning, ovulation will occur on Friday and based on my research and calculations the IUI is best done between 8-11 am on that following day {in this example being Friday morning}. It worked! I'm happy to forward along any info that might be helpful.
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    Just popping in to say thank you to everyone above for the helpful information around this specific question! I just started using the Clearblue Advanced Digital Ovulation Test to get a feel for the timing of my cycle, and was having so much trouble finding detailed information on timing an IUI around this test's high vs. peak results. Looking forward to (hopefully) scheduling our first IUI next month during my next ovulation! :)

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    Thanks for the info this is very helpful I am trying to track my ovulation for my first IUI

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