IUI #4, I got to help!

Hi ladies!

Great insemination today! Trigger shot on CD 13, 6PMish; went in today (CD 15) at 8AM, actually did the deed at about 10AM (yes, we waited two hours, no idea why). Anyway, new donor had 30 million little guys at 51% motility, which is just over 15 million total. A little lower than the last donor, but definitely above the threshold. Lots of CM. The Dr had some trouble threading the needle thru V's cervix (at one point took it out w/ blood on it, and the nurse had to push on her stomach).

BUT! the best part is that the Dr asked if I wanted to push the plunger! And yay! of course I did.

Afterward, we went to Chinatown for dim sum and to soak up the Chinese spirit (DP and the donor are Chinese, so we were hoping to seduce his little guys with good Chinese food!). It's a gorgeous day here in the NE - hope it's beautiful whereever all the rest of you are.


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    Just wanted to say good luck and send some babydust your way!
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    Oh, yeah and that is so cool that you got to do the deed! I love that!!!
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    That is really cool that you got to take part in the procedure, that is going to be an awesome story to share later when your baby grows up!!! Best of luck and tons of baby dust to you guys, we are currently in our tww, hopefully April will be good for all of us!

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    How exciting!! Best of luck!!
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    We had the same experience...the trouble with threading the cervix and all. DP was thrilled that the doctor asked her to do the injection! We got a BFP on our first try, so you know that she takes all of the credit for it! :)

    Good luck and KUP!
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    Have you been doing the trigger shot all along? We just finished our 4th IUI with the same donor, 4th BFN, but no drugs at all. No problems with mom, and plenty of eggs, so the doc's timing must be off or the donor sperm isnt doing its job. Our counts all 4 times were 80 million with 30-40% motility, do the math thats 30-40 million a shot with no success. We are in the process of finding another donor, possibly someone we know rather than using frozen sperm. But if we try again we are considering a trigger shot to start ovulation.

    BTW it took two hours before they did the deed because more than likely they washed the sperm before IUI, and the process takes about 90 minutes :)

    Good luck and baby dust to you both!
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    Hi BabyMama,
    Our first IUI was totally natural, i.e. – no drugs. For the second, we told our Dr we wanted to get more aggressive b/c we just didn’t want to waste time, so he put her on Clomid and the tigger shot. Still nothing.

    While doing an u/s for follicles that time, he noticed something that he thought could possibly be a polyp (at that point in the cycle, the lining was too thick to know for sure). So after that cycle didn’t work, we went in for a baseline u/s and there were polyps, so he did surgery to remove them, and we took the next cycle off for DP to recover.

    Third cycle was the same, Clomid and trigger, the third and last try with the first donor. Also neg.

    This is the fourth try, first w/ new donor (who we like a lot better anyway, so we’re glad for the switch).

    If this doesn’t work, he will do an hsg, and we’ll take it from there.

    We’ve varied the timing of the trigger shot. You’re supposed to ovulate 36-42 hours after (or something like that), so we’ve tried taking it earlier (5PM) and later (11PM). This time we kind of split the difference. Was about 40 hours b/w shot and insem, and we feel good about the timing.

    But we’re also starting progesterone supplements this time, so we’ll see if that helps (DP’s LP is ridiculously short).

    We were surprised that it took so long this time only b/c they were so not busy. Usually the waiting room is full and it only takes an hour or maybe an hour and a half tops before they’ve done the thawing and we’re called back. This time the waiting room was empty and we waited two hours. We were probably also impatient b/c we were so hungry! :)

    I would definitely say try the trigger shot. Obviously it hasn’t worked for us (yet!), but it’s so difficult trying to figure out the timing w/ OPKs and everything. Having a much smaller window for O’ing is much better. Hope you’re able to find another donor you like (if you decide to switch)!

    Are you doing any monitoring at all? U/s and such? We never would have thought that DP would have polyps, but she did. And there's nothing to indicate that there may be a blockage, but we'll check that next. You never know what could be going on in there, regardless of how healthy you are (as we're learning).

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