Round 2 IUI...

I’m officially in my 2WW! Today was my 2nd IUI and I’m feeling really good about this cycle.

Our donor's post thaw #'s were 13 million with 43% motility (1st IUI 7mil / 49%). My RE says anything between 6-8 mil range with 30+% motility is very good. Although my first IUI #’s were considered strong, I was excited about having 6 million extra little guys to help do the deed LOL....

Who knows what the future holds for me, but I’m feeling pretty optimistic. I’ll update everyone on any symptoms during my 2WW so we can compare notes. :)

Has any one else inseminating this weekend??

Best of luck to all!!


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    We are - posted about it just a few minutes ago. Hope the TWW goes quickly and ends how you want it to! GL!
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    Good luck and loads of baby dust to both of you!
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    Best of luck to you GL! Thanks for the warm wishes.

    MistyandCarla, Thanks for the warm wishes. I am so excited for you two. I can't believe you got pregnant with your first IUI. Your numbers were outstanding!!! How's the pregnancy going?

    All the best to both of you!
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    So far, so good! :) We are 15 weeks today. We have been so blessed with feeling so well. We didn't have any morning sickness, just fatigue. I'll take sleeping over vomiting any day! :) We have had 3 US's so far and everything looks great. We love listening to our little one's heartbeat so we bought a doppler to use at home. It's amazing to be able to hear the life growing inside of you. We return to the doctor on the 23rd for a baby check up and then go back at 20 weeks for the gender US. We can't wait for that one!

    We hope all is well for you and please KUP!
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