12 Folicles???

Well we went in for our cycle day 10, U/S, Getting ready for our 3rd IUI!!! I usually have like 4 Follicles, but this time I had 12?? The biggest one was 16, then next was 14, then, 12, and that's all I heard. I will have to go in again on WED. to measure again!! I'm sure the increase is because I have been on my thyriod meds for a month and a 1/2 (for my hypothyroidism) Does anyone know how many u should have!! I'm sure it ranges, but what is concidered normal?


Thank You for the links that u posted for me, they were extremly helpful, I'm on the mucinex, and the baby asprin, and DP has been making me smoothies, with a mixture of all kinds of fruits, but all have either rasberries, or blueberries, and every night we have a salad(with sunflower kernals in it. or some broccoli, which is amazing since i have never been a particularly healthy eater!! I hate greens, but I'm learning to like salads, and will only eat broccoli with cheese on it!! So I'm hoping that this help us, either way it can't hurt!! Thank You again so Dearly!! : )

Well I will post again later today, when i get the phone call, with my blood tests results, with my estridol, and my LH lvls...

Dani & Bev~


  • Ok so here's the deal, and i'm guessing really good news? Last month on cycle day 10 U/S my estridol lvl was 201,and LH was at 10.6 Then today, day 10 U/S my estridol lvl is 612.. so basically my folicles tripled, my estridol tripled, and LOL this is our 3rd IUI!! Wow mabye in our case thrid time really is a charm!!! So does anyone know what all this means, and r the normal lvl's for all of these things???? Again it just tells me that my thyroid meds r working!!! YAY!!!!!

    Any comments, or knowledge, or wisdom welcome! : )

    Dani & Bev~
  • Dani~

    Congrats that the picture is looking better for you now that your thyroid is straightening out!!

    Estradiol is a hormone produced by the developing follicles. It should get higher as our follicles grow. If you have more follicles, the number should be higher. I am not sure about the normal range for the LH - we've never had ours checked, but it will tell them how close to natural ovulation you are.

    When I discussed using injectible meds with my RE, he mentioned that you can become over stimulated & in that case, they would cancel the IUI due to too high of a chance of big time multiples. His number for canceling was 4. However, I know of others that have been allowed to continue their IUI with up to 6 follicles. (Under normal circumstances, women usually only produce 1-2 follicles each month.)

    Have they mentioned the possibility of canceling?I am sure that they will wait to see how many of yours reach maturity before deciding for sure to cancel or not since some may tucker out & not grow to size.

    Hope it works out for you! I know that canceling a cycle is crushing for any of us, but if that is the case, just try to sty focused on how much better the big picture looks for you guys!
  • You can have many follies...our doc only counted the ones after 10. Same as pp if you had 4 or more that were 14 or larger they would not continue with the IUI.I thing that is the key more than the actuall number...it is how many have actually grown.
    When dp had her 2nd ivf...a girl next to her at the ER ( those curtains keep no noise out!) had stim'd so well that they converted her Super OV into an ivf... ( can you imagine!)I heard the doc come out and say they got 16 eggs! Dp on ivf meds only got 11...it was wild! They got pg too, we saw them at one of our u/s appts.

    I hope you get great news on Wednesday and you two or three mature ones to advance with and don't get cancelled, that would be awesome! Good luck! KUP!
  • Dani...I have no experience with the follies, but I just wanted to wish you luck with your third round.

    Please KUP.
  • Thank u all for ur input, I really appreciate it!!!

    Thank you for explaining what estridol is exactly!! U rock!! : )

    Ya they only mentioned to the RE the ones that were the biggest, 1 was 16, 1 was 14, and 1 was 12, so i'm guessing that the rest were alot smaller.. They looked that way when the tech. was measuring them!! They only put the three into the comp? But we'll see!! and keep yall posted!! But either way even if they do cancel us, we have a live donor!! He is my hubby but he is a gay military man, he is my BFF!! So he does the donation in a serile cup, and DP uses a medicine syringe, ( for those of u who didn't know) lol I am a good cover for him, and he wants a baby as bad as we do!! But he lives his life and we live ours.. So for us it's three of us helping in the process!! @ home he does the donation, DP does the insemination, and I will carry the baby!! : )

    I know it's a lil confussing! But we r fortuniate tho, to have a RL donor! We found this Msg board when Dp and I found CCB,and immediately became addicted to this board!! and we bought a vial ourselves, we did it at home, and only once, way to expensive for us!!! I don't know how yall do it??

    Thank you soo much for ur input as well, take care of that babies, both of u, (Misty)

    I'll post tomm. when I know more!! thanks again!!
    I don't know what I would do without u all! : )(tear)..

    Dani & Bev~
  • I am so glad it sounds like it is working out and will be a great cycle! KUP!
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