How many vials?

My wife and I are in the process of selecting a donor, which has been a lot of fun. Especially since we've been able to learn about each other even more. it's been wonderful seeing what we both really believe in and the support that we've been giving each other through this journey of finding the right sperm. The next step is how many vials do we need? I keep reading the statistics 3-4, recommended 6. We plan on purchasing for a second baby too, so that makes 12. My concern is that what if buying only 12 isn't enough? And even so; just buying too much. How does one really know how many it will take? I am 31 and healthy.... can any one give us any advice?


  • Hey missdayene
    We are in the same boat and we just ended up getting 12 vials just in case. We are also wanting to plan on a second child. I just turned 30 in July and this will be our first month using this process. Hope everything goes well for you!!!
  • Hi!

    I would suggest getting the 12 vials and checking out the Family Today & Family Tomorrow plan. My hubby and I didn't think far enough ahead and only ordered 2 vials for our donor. We went through 1 round of IVF w/ICSI and used only one vial. We got a BFP with a singleton and only have one vial left. I went back as soon as I got the BFP and tried to order more vials because we know we want to try for another child in the future and our donor has been RETIRED. Now we only have one vial between our child having a biological sibling or not. I am so mad at myself, it wasn't a money issue at all, just an oversight. I hope we have success in the future with our 1 and only vial!!

    Long story short, if you like your donor, get a bunch of vials just in case ... I wish we had.

    Good Luck!

    P.S. I am 34 and our IF was totally male factor. Maybe we got lucky that the first and only IVF worked. We never tried IUI or anything else. We went straight to IVF w/ICSI once we found out my hubby was sterile.
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