u/s results! :)

It is amazing! Momx2 is having babiesx2!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not only are we having twins, they are IDENTICAL!!!! One five day blasto divided and one did not make it. Docs said there was less than a 1 percent of this happening, and that it was rare. They share the big sac but have two yolk sacs which is good, they will have own placenta. Puts dp into high risk..

We are shocked and feel sooooo blessed!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go back next week to check that they are growing at the same rate. We will stay with RE until we go to Spec. Doc for multiples.

Heartbeats....were 144 and 154 and measured perfectly at 7 weeks and 6 days. WOW!!!!!!

Melanie and Amy (dp)


  • Melanie and Amy, Congrats!!! I always read your screen name and always assumed that you guys had twins!!!!!!!!
    You guys must be in ecstasy right now, I wish you all the best!!
  • That is so funny, I never thought about it that way, I always thought of it as being our children having twice the moms! WE have never had kids before, either of us...until NOW! FUnny....

    thanks though...we are freaked and on cloud nine all at the same time!!!!!!!!!!!! Freaked because Id twins are more risky and on cloud nine because wour dream has come true! There is always hope!
  • Wow, how exciting ! Congrats Melanie and Amy .. Good luck ladies ! Best wishes !!!

    Kimberly W.
  • Yeah...how exciting! What a wonderful surprise!

    Congratulations girls!
  • WooHoo Melanie!!!

    Super big CONGRATS to you both!! I am so excited for you!

    I hope Amy & the babies stay safe for the remainder of this wonderful pregnancy!

  • Thanks you ladies! We are trying to stay very positive and focus on the miracle of it all!
    Kimberly, how are you all...how is this cycle going?
  • Congrats!! And you've got idents!! Wow... guess you guys never thought your screen name would come true!! You have exactly what God wanted you to have...
  • A Big huge congrat's to you!!! What a blessing twins will be! More the fun!!!! :-)
  • Thanks everyone..it is really exciting...still a long road to go...but we feel it is meant to be. This why things did not work before, this is exactly how it is supposed to be and it is wonderful. There is always hope!
  • WOW~ CONGRATZ u guys, LOL well gals!! I'm sooo excited for u both! My partner and I hope we get a good resut as well!! :) Today I am 8dpIUI... Can't wait to find out if it took!!

    So now just take it easy, and take care of all of our twins ok? LOL :)

    Plus now u have no excuse.. YOU have DOUBLE the BABY DUST to send out of us all!! :) We'll be praying for u! Good Luck!

    Dani & Bev~
  • sending you mucho babydust Dani422! :)
    Thanks for the prayers, we have another u/s to check that they are growing at the same rate Thursday, will update then!
  • WOW... CONGRATULATIONS. We are so excited for you two.

    Evaline & Amy
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