older mommies

What does that mean I like to call my self mommie of a certain age


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    Those of us who are 35 and over are classified by the medical establishmenet as being of 'advanced maternal age'. I'm 38 and in great health. But sometimes women of 'AMA' have a harder time getting pregnant. I thought it would be nice to start a 'support thread' for those of us whose reproductive clock is ticking a little louder :-)
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    Your right I was indirectly discouraged from trying because I was 39 when I tried. They thought my partner should try instead, being that she was younger. Well I fooled them we both tried with the same donor I have the girl Madison she has the boy Morgon. Although I am insulterd it least once a month when someone aske if my partner is my daughter, and my children are my grandchildre.

    So we older mature ladies of a certain age can be just as good rock on ladies rock on.
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    Hello...I just thought that I would add that I am 35 and will be 36 in June. I got pregnant on my first try and I'm now 12 weeks along. Everyone thought it would take me several tries before getting a positive too, but I knew my body better than that. Don't let the number get in the way.

    Good luck girls!
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    We also tried although, we did it a little different. I carried my partners embryo's. She is 39 and I am 40 with twins (Boy and Girl) from donor 2510 that just turned a year old.
    I agree mature ladies of a certain age can be just as good.
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    I will be (I'm keeping a positive attitude here :-)) an older mommy... at 46 (I'm 45 now). Got tired of waiting and just want to have my kids now. I am hoping that not taking BCP's for the last twenty years will help with me getting a BFP.
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