Hi there!! My wife and I are going to purchase vials from 13840 if our one and only attempt with another donor is unsuccessful (I guess I'll know on Friday!). Anyone use him? He sounds wonderful.

Our backups are 13689 and 13629. I'd love to hear from others who have used either of these, and I see on the boards there are some women out there. Please get in touch if you are so inclined!

Take care everyone and good luck,



  • Haven't used any of these but I'm interested to hear how things go for you as I am also interested in Mr. 13840. Please post an update when you have one!

    Good luck!!
  • Hey Famnueva--I am 2 days away from my expected period, and kinda have the feeling that period is coming :( But I will let you know. I've only had one IUI with this donor, and his sperm count was 9 million AFTER being washed--so very high:)
  • Fingers crossed, Livvy! Please keep me posted.

  • Hi Famnueva,

    Did you decide to go with this donor? We weren't successful with our November attempt even tho I was on Clomid & did a trigger shot. We were ready to try for this month, but found out he carries a rare recessive gene called galactosemia. I hadn't been genetically screened, nor had my wife, who is planning to carry our second baby by him. So we both just got screened this week and will see if either of us carries it, too.

  • Any luck ladies??!
  • Hi Lindsey-

    Ugh, no! Are you using him, too? His counts are not out-of-this-world great, to be honest. I purchased 2 ICI vials knowing my clinic would do the washing for free, and both times the total motile sperm count was 4.5 million...We bought two more IUI vials and if neither of these works, we're switching donors. They say don't get attached on paper, but he's adorable and has exactly the kind of personality/genetic makeup I'd like.

  • Does anyone have any more vials from donor 13629? We have a boy with this donor and are looking to have another. We have run out of his vials and there are no more to buy so hoping someone has some they are willing to part with.

  • Mother Of Boy, we have 2 IUI vials of 13629 willing to sell. Let me know if still interested.

  • I know this is an older thread but any successes with 13840?

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