In August 2013 we had a baby girl with 13038. Anyone else have children with this donor?


  • We had a baby girl April 2014 with donor 13038.
  • Congratulations! Maybe we could exchange photos? We will be registering on the Sibling Registry.
  • We had a baby boy July 2013 with donor 13038... First IUI attempt.
  • Congrats Justus!!! I had my little girl in July of 2013 (July 16th) with 13038. There are several of us with children from this donor that are in contact with each other. If you would like to exchange pictures and such let us know :-)
  • My partner gave birth to a baby boy with donor 13038 in Octboer 2013 (2nd IUI). I am pregnant with baby boy, due April 2015 (1st IUI) with same donor!
  • Congratulations, MommyKelly! If you'd like, you can go to www.sibling-registry.com and report the birth(s) on our donors page. Then you can see all the other ones that are there and email us if you'd like. Some of us are Facebook friends.
  • As others have mentioned, at this point four families with children by 13038 are in contact, and we're planning to meet this summer. We'd love to meet any others of you who want to meet, or exchange photos or information with you.

    I'm in NC and have a girl born January 2013. I think from my conversation with someone at CCB that she's the oldest by 13038. She is wonderful, as I expect they all are :)
  • Hi everybody! This is Lizzie, Javier's mom. No pressure, but I'm not sure if everyone knows some of us are in contact. We've started a private Facebook page to share news and pictures easily with each other. If you want to check it out, just contact me by searching Lizzie Skurnick and info comes up.

  • Hi All, While the link is the same for the sibling registry (https://www.sibling-registry.com), the CA Cryobank migrated to a new platform for bulletin boards and you have to migrate your User ID to the new platform on the next login for your children to show listed for donor 13038 and to see the new conversations/topics on the bulletin board.

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