i just found out that im pregnant (with twins) with donor 11747! it was my first IUI and unmediated.

im wondering if there is anyone else out there using this donor.



  • he was on my short list but I used someone else,good luck on your twins
  • Wow Kristan... how exciting.
    1st IUI and unmedicated... you must be so excited :)
    Congrats... how far along are you?
    Did you wait and test with the blood test or did you (cheat like most of us do and test early?)
  • im 9 weeks and everything/ everyone is developing normally!

    doc explained that the odds for twins rises as women get older- im 38. im shocked but happy.

    i tested on day 12 and the pink line was dark dark pink. my hgc levels were so high due to the twins.
  • hi.
    im now 35weeks and docs are inducing at 38 weeks!
    its been an amazing pregnancy- no issues & everything seems perfect!
  • Krglass and artnaturefan - would you also mind sharing any info with me as well? I'm also interested in 11485 - so artnaturefan, if you are too, i can maybe send you info on him if you like him too...?
  • So - we just purchased a few vials of 11747...due to be inseminated in a few weeks. If you used this donor, can you let me know how their sperm count / motility was? Thanks so much!
  • i used donor 11747. i dont know specifics of count/mobility but- i literally bought one vial, did one IUI and got preg first time w/ twins.

    as per my doc, he was not analyzing count/ mobility due to there not being a specific reason to worry about the sperm. my fertility doc deals with the woman not the donor.

    good luck.
  • Thanks krglass...and if you don't mind me being nosey... how often did you do your ovulation tests? Twice a day or once a day? In the morning? Then did you get your IUI done the very next day? There are SO MANY theories, and since you were successful, I'd like to hear how you went about it. I'll be put on Femara days 3-7 and will do the ultrasound on day 10 - hoping to inseminate prob day 14. I don't know. Just want to hear about the ovulation testing and when your IUI was actually done. Thanks so much!
  • i tracked my ovulation for about 3 months. i only tested in the morning. as soon as i got a smiley face i called my doc and he had me come in that day to see how my follicles measured. i had one at 24 which is ideal so they inseminated that day.

    where do you live? i live in nyc and highly recommend my doc.

    good luck.
  • kristan - I live in Buffalo, NY - and supposedly have one of the best dr's in the area (we got lucky). I appreciate all of your little tidbits of info and i'll be sure to keep you posted. 2 more weeks for you, right? I'm excited for you. Geez - kinda weird that if my insemination takes, you and i will have half siblings ( and i don't know you at all). It's such an incomprehendible concept to me sometimes. I wish you all the best with happy and healthy babies!!!!
    (i'm wondering if artnature fan has gotten pregnant too)
  • im being induced on the 6th- generally docs do not want multiples to go past 38 weeks b/c it can lead to stress for mother & babies during birth. its hard to believe it actually here?

    im just curious- what made you chose 11747?

    please let me know if you have success- i agree it is beyond me imagination too!
  • I had a few others in mind at first --then by luck, stumbled upon your twins post - and felt the need to check out 11747 - just for fun -- and we ended up really liking him - way better than our other choices. It was really just dumb luck. I'll def keep you posted. Should be inseminated in two weeks -- so i'll know in a month or so. :) wish us luck! i'll be starting femara tomorrow -- so we'll see how that works for us...
  • thats interesting..the way you found him.
    why did you think he would be a good baby-daddy for you- looks, personality? i keep having people ask me about him and i rarely ask back...im was just wondering if we saw the same thing?

    good luck with you IUI.
  • krglass

    doner 11747 is our second choice and was wondering if you had any info you could send us. My husband and I are back & forth between 11747 & 12161. I like 11747. He's tall, medium skin type, musical, even his medical was good. I appriciate any info you could send. [email protected]

    Congrtas on having twins. You have been blessed. I hope all goes well for you and your babies.
  • I just reread my post and realized my mistake. We are looking at 12167 and 11747. I just wanted to clarify just in case there was any info on either of them.
  • kristan- do you have a diff email address?
  • Well, there were a lot of choices for us. When i stumbled upon the one we chose, there was 'just something about him'. First of all, he had some physical characteristics of my husband (other than height -- but this guys' family isn't super tall - so it's hit or miss with his offspring). We liked that he is adventurous and carefree. He has similar 'likes' (music, guitar, motorcycles, etc) to us as well. His medical history is good - which is a major bonus. Although, there are quite a few candidates that had good medical history (which is required by CCB anyway). I'm a little reluctant to share too much on here - quite simply - b/c i'm being selfish. He's a retired donor now - and we only ordered a few vials. I don't want many ppl to like him in case we need to purchase more. (i know, that's wrong of me - but still) Do you feel that way at all?
  • thank you- its nice to read someone elses take on him. he was someone i found almost immediately in my search and kept going back to as i was doing all my research.

    hes retired? huh. i didnt know that- although when i was buying it seemed as if there was no more ICI but when i called they had some stored? maybe that was b/c he was retiring but they didnt mention it?

    since im having twins i doubt ill have more...i sort of feel as if two is a crazy cool blessing.

    keep me posted.
  • Kristan- doubt you'll be checking this, but if you do...congrats! Please keep in touch and let us know how your little ones are. IF I DO get pregnant - my insemination should be in two days - do you want to still keep in touch? Is that creepy or a cool thing...? I'm still undecided on it....
  • hi.
    babies have been born & they are perfect- identical twin girls!

    pls keep in touch & let me know if you have success. i wish you all the best.
  • Krglass

    Congrats !!!!! That is fabulous

  • Yay! I'm so happy for you. Well, I got my period today - so obviously a BFN this first round. However, i'm trying again in two weeks - this time with an ovidrel shot. I'll def keep you posted. If you prefer, and if it's easier - my email is [email protected]
    I love your great news!!!!!!!!!!
  • Hi krglass,

    Did you have your twins? I also conceived twins with 11747. They are wonderful babies.
  • Krglass- hopefully you check this at some point..but i finally got my BFP! Glad to hear your little ones are doing great! Check in with us once in a while and let us know how mommy-hood is with twins! :)
  • good news on the positive. how far along are you?
    the twins are wonderful, im actually back at work- hard to believe this time last year i was planning all this...

    keep me updated on your pregnancy.
  • Gretchen- thank you for your email. It made us so super happy.
    Krglass... get this... i just found out i'm having twins! haha. Well... i mean, i'm only 5 weeks..and there ARE two sacs...but they are worried it's too early to say for sure (I guess sometimes both sacs don't make it- and women lose one so early on that they never even knew they HAD twins). I have another ultrasound next Fri - and hopefully we'll hear TWO heartbeats. Isn't it weird - this donor had NO mention of twins - and now three of us have them! Crazy! I'm so happy you two have written me with positive thoughts,. Thank you so much!
  • wow...this is such good news! the funny/ interesting thing is that twins are a female gene that is passed down, not a male gene. it might have something to do w/ our age? or maybe there is a higher rate of twins w/ IUI? im going to ask my doctor.

    its true that some early twins are "disappearing" but wow it sounds like twins are strong w/ this group!

    my girls are gorgeous & so good natured. i hope you are just as blesses.

    maybe the 3 of us need to keep in touch privately & share pictures?
  • hi ladies this donor is on my top list and is wondering if there is any info and or picture you can share with my partner and I

    you can email me at [email protected]
  • gretchen and kristin - i'm totally ok with being more private. gretchen - you have my email already, right? well, regardless - it's [email protected]
    I go tomorrow for my 6w2d ultrasound and we're hoping to hear two little heartbeats. :) I'll let you know!
  • Some of you were mentioning the availability of 11747. We purchased his last vials thinking we would need them all but turns out we don't(baby due in December!). So we have two vials left that we can't sell back due to the Cryobank policy, but that are perfectly good vials (they've been stored at my doctor's office since delivery) and we're wondering if anyone would like to buy them back at half price. $300/per vial, you'd have to arrange you're own shipping though.
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