Recommended website?

Hi all,

If all goes as planned, my partner and I are going to try our first IUI next month. I feel like I'm so unprepared and uninformed about what comes after that. Are there any good websites you guys would recommend to get me up to speed on the TTC process and then pregnancy related stuff that follows (ex. what cycle day the IUI should be done on, early signs of pregnancy, what not to eat when you're pregnant). I've been so focused on picking a donor, but haven't researched enough for the next steps!

Thanks for any ideas!


  • Greta,

    I like - it also has a great community forum which includes GLBT groups (TTC, Pregnancy, & Parenting)!

    Good luck!!
  • Check out too. They have a TTC forum and also a Pregnancy Forum. There are several posters on there that consist of Two Mommies. :)

    I also like babycenter like Kim mentioned.
  • Thanks much for the tips.
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