success with donors 14067, 14103, 14112, 14120, 14035, or 14005?

Any help would be appreciated!


  • I did IUI yesterday with donor 14120. His count and motility were good according to the nurse. I started my 2 week wait today. I will let you know how it turns out. Im really nervous and hope it works.

    Good luck with everything!!!
  • I used 14035 and got a BFP on the first iui cycle.
  • Hello! I had my first iui with donor 14112 on 8/15. The fertility place said he had 5 million units in one vial, after sperm was washed. They said his motility was good also. We had the option to thaw out the other vial for more units but didn't want to waste it in case this didn't work. Onto the two week wait!
  • I thought 10 million was guaranteed.
  • Hello! They say 5 million is a good number. I believe that is what they guarantee. I took my pregnancy test yesterday and got a negative. We have decided to move onto a different donor. When we were first looking we picked donor 14091. However, when we were close to insemination he sold out. We have purchased him, and will be using the sample next months iui. He has had a few pregnancies, and the woman on one of the boards here, said her sample had a 14 million unit count after being thawed.
  • The cb guarantee is 10 million for iui vials and 15 million for ici vials at thaw. If you have less than that motile at thaw and you do not get pregnant, you can get a refund for the vial. Your RE's lab should've filled out a specimen report. They have to send that in along with paperwork from ccb. You can call ccb to have them send the forms to your RE.
  • Thank you so much for that information. Will be calling for sure. Best of luck to you!
  • Just had iui this morning with donor 14091. The two week wait begins!
  • I just had a back to back IUI with 14035. My counts were 14 million and 22 million post wash. Anyone else have success with 14035? What were your counts??
  • Due with donor 14035 12/24
  • Due with donor 14005 April 23, 2017!!
  • My daughter was born with donor 14035 on 3/29/16. What did you have? boy or girl?
  • I had fraternal twin boys on 3/24/17 with donor 14005.

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