Hi everyone,

Me and my partner had an amazing experience performing at home ICI. I hae read and googled many different things regarding the experience and I have not read anything anybody has typed about it.

So here it goes.....

We placed the vial in cool water for about 10 minutes to unthaw it then, I had it in my hand for a couple of minutes then I felt a strong thumping. I can only describe it as a strong pounding heart beat and I think the sperm were saying, "Let me out of here." I handed the vial to my partner and she felt the same thing. It was amazing. Eventually it faded away. We did the insemination probobaly about 10 minutes later. The next eveniing we did a second insemination and followed the same exact steps when unthawing except this time I/we did not feel the same thing. I felt for a brief time maybe a little twinge, but nothing as powerful as the first night. It was absolutely amazing and powerful!!!!

I was just wondering.....has anyone else had a similar experience??

We wish everyone the best and are keeping our fingers crossed and prayers our insemination was successful!!!


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    Wow! Sounds like you both experienced something really powerful! I can't say that I have had anything similar to that happen but I am a srong believer in "signs". I hope this cycle works for you! If so, you will have a great story to tell your child.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you!
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