donor 13362

hi CCB,
has donor 13362 had any reported pregnancies outside of the daughter he talks about in his profile?
we have had 2 unsuccessful in office IUI attempts with this donor and are going to attempt back to back IUIs next ovulation cycle.


  • Hi KD -

    Yes, Donor 13362 does have reported pregnancies from clients, currently the number is less than 5. This donor first had vials become available about seven months ago and it usually takes several months for clients to purchase vials, use them, and then report back to us.

    On average, it takes about 3-4 IUIs to achieve pregnancy. I'm not sure if your clinic does ultrasounds to pinpoint the best time to inseminate, if not, it's something that you might want to inquire about.

    Best of luck!


  • Hi- I realize this post is old, but I am here to ask if you conceived using this donor? I have three children using 13362 and would love to connect to those who are willing.

  • Hi! Yes and would love to connect. We have 1 child with this donor. Can we message each other through here? (I realize these boards are pretty public and therefore don't want to share my contact information on this thread).

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