Ok here's the deal, I had my 1st IUI on mon. The 18th. My trigger shot was on Sat. the 16th. Early this morning, I had to go to the Hospital, (unrlated) they ran labs on me, the Dr. came in and asked me if i knew I was Pregnant? I told her I had a trigger shot on sat. But she was pretty admint about me being pregnant?? I said but i had a trigger shot on sat. and it was 10,000 units of HCG! She was still adimint thay i am! So she sent my blood work off again this time for Quanitive?? And it came back at 181. Could it really be possible that I could be? She said well it looks like the procidure worked?? and that it's really early in my preg. Can it be detected 3dpiui??? Has the ever happened to anyone b4?? I am afraid to get excited, she said to get another blood test in 2 days! Could it just b left over HCG hormone from the trigger shot?? Plz help!!!!! Thank you! : )


  • Dani~

    While I would love to tell you good news, I just don't see how it is possible. Up to 10dpIUI, the HCG shot is still in your system, which is why the REs office will tell you not to test early, for fear of a false positive.

    Implantation typically doesn't even occur until ~6dpIUI.

    Unless your ER visit was GYN related, the MD seeing you was likely a MD of Internal Medicine or Emergency Medicine - not someone that has experience in AI procedures.

    I'd call my REs office to get a definitive answer to your question though.
  • I have to agree. The HCG stays in your system for up to 10 days and it is impossible for a doctor (especially an ER doctor) to determine if the HCG is from the shot or from pregnancy. And also if there is a fertilized egg, it hasn't even had time to implant yet. There is a reason that we have to wait to test, other than to torture us. Don't get discouraged though, you could still be pregnant it will just be a little longer before you know for sure. ER doctors sometimes pretend that they know more than they do, from my experience anyway. You might want to call your doctor just to be sure, but those are my thoughts. Good luck!
  • I agree; implantation takes place anywhere from 6 to 10 DPO/DPIUI. If you were only 3 DPIUI when you had that test done, if you are pregnant the little embryo is not even in the uterus yet, but still in the tube floating along. I think you will just have to wait until you are 14 DPIUI. Good luck!
  • Thank u guys for all ur input!! That was my thoughts exactly! I would never want to believe a false positve!! She wasn't purposly testing for pregnancy, they just ran labs on me, and it came up! But it's ok were getting prego this time anyways!! LOL (I can wish can't I?) Thank you so much Ladies for ur help!! I will keep u posted on what happenes! : ) Yall have no idea how much I appreciate U ALL taking ur time to read, and respond to my Post!! I feel alot better now! : ) Good Luck to u all as well! Lots of BABY DUST For us ALL.......
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